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    Business Outgrowing us-Need Investors or Loan

    limocouple08 Newbie

      The past four months we have outsourced over $10,000.00 worth of business. We have one vehicle and we are doing over 60 runs a month. In 2007, this car did apprximately 530 runs. Every week we spend around $1000.00 on Enterprise Rental Cars to have extra vehicles to help us accommondate our clients. From 2007 to the present we outsourced over $300.00 per week. We have a client base of over 350 professionals and is growing daily. Our clients are mostly from Fortune 500 companies who use our service on a regular basis.

      Since we started the company in 2005, our credit scores have taken a hit. They are in the mid to upper 500's. We have tried banks and other financial institutions. However, since our scores are so low, they wouldn't help us. Therefore, we are looking for alternate financing. But, our company still continues to grow. We are in the transportation industry.Since oil prices are taking a toll on our country, many people would rather use our service than drive themselves. There is a big demand for our service. We are coming into the busy season in our industry- from April through December. This is why we are looking for financial support immediately to keep up with the high demand in this Baltimore-Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Area. Even as we speak we find ourselves being overbooked.

      We have over 36 years of managerial and transportation experience that we utilized to grow this GREAT SERVICE solely by our clients' word of mouth. We are asking anyone out there who can give us advise on how we can secure a loan for at least $80K to $100K to support, market and expand our business TREMENDOUSLY?

      Please reply to this email with any additional questions or request for financial support documents.

      Ty & Willadene
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          mlebovits Newbie
          Have you considered factoring your accounts receivable in order to accelerate your cash flow?

          Marshall Lebovits

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            jodphil2003 Newbie

            Congratulations on your growth. Most commercial lending concentrates less on personal credit score and more on cash flow. You may qualify for a non-traditional commercial loan or even an SBA loan

            If you would like to learn more send us an email:
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              BizLOC Newbie
              Good afternoon,

              My name is Paul Warshawsky and I am a Business Consultant with Manhattan Business Consultants. We specialize in obtaining lines of credit for companies that are looking for additional working capital. I believe that I can assist you with the request that you have. If you could please contact me directly at 239-645-5266, or I can fill you in on the specifics.

              Thank you and have a great day.

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                moneymaster Newbie

                We can secure the capital for you. The turnaround time is 7 business days. Please contact Mr. Shah of Sunset Leasing and Financial Group at 732-249-5700

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                  tinat99 Newbie

                  MERCHANT CASH ADVANCES


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                    Metamorf Wayfarer


                    My name is Patrick Walker director of sales for Metamorf Technologies based in the national capitol region MD/DC/VA. we do provide loans and funding but its for technology but I believe I have a business oppurtunity that may help generate revenue for your company please contact me via email or provide me with your email so I can send additional information about this great oppurtunity

                    call 202-256-0708


                    Thank you


                    Best Regards


                    Patrick Walker
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                      Bridge Navigator

                      Why isn't your company generating enough cash flow to let you grow?

                      I would suggest that if you have that many overbooking, you might want to consider raising your prices - I know your costs have gone up with gas prices.

                      If you rasie your prices a bit, you might lose some customers, but you can't service them now anyway. You will generate more profit on less work and will be able to finance your growth yourself with our extra cash flow.
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                        rouldph Newbie
                        You can go to my site where we have a place to fill out an app, with Wirth Credit they my help you
               look under where it says on the home page Customer Vendor Programs Available
                        Contact Wirth Business Credit.

                        This shoul help you!
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                          ggoodard Adventurer
                          Please feel free to contact me.
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                            Marcellus Newbie
                            Funny that many people are willing to help you but not addressing the problem. As an expert on credit management, I like to give you my opinion.

                            This seem a typical growth related / cash flow / financing problem. The run a sustainable business you need two things:

                            1) profitable sales (rembeber: profit is not cash, just as sales is not profit and not cash either)
                            2) positive cash flow (cash inflow > cash outflow in a given period of time)

                            Remember: cash (in and out) flow can come from 3 sources: operational, investments and financial.

                            If we focus on the operational side of the business, you can improve your cash by applying sound credit management / credit policies. So look at the risk and value of your current customers. What is the term of payment and how well do they pay you? If need, you analyze why your customers don't pay you in time. This a process which takes time before you start to see the effects. Furthermore you may look at other working capital components (accounts payable and inventory). Maybe there is some room for negotiation on terms or discounts. In the long run it will be beneficial for your operational results.

                            Then you have strong growth. Growth often implies investments (cash out) which mostly requires financing. So if banks are not willing to lend you money, then probably something is wrong with your cash flow development. You negative rating will certainly not be the only reason. One advice for the mid/long term: build a good relationship with you bank.

                            So investigate this first, find answers and see what you really need to improve your business performance / cash flow / financing needs.

                            Kind regards,

                            Marcel Wiedenbrugge