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    Loan for a small bussiness owned by women !!

    victoria Newbie
      Hello My name is Victoria Mossucco , I live in Miami Florida , I have been in the sports industry for 15 years specificaly tennis , but notice also the industry of working out and running is a big one an a profitable one too, so I decide to fly solo I open my own store with my daugther the store has been open for the last 6 months and is going well for a new business , specially counting on the slow economy . Is located in a very high traffic area and we have alot of gyms around us !!
      When I open I was not counting on the economy to drop so fast even thougth we have sales we are behind the sales forecast and I noticed is basically because now we are running low on working capital , I am not looking for a big loan probably something like 35.000 to 50.000, those funds will be used to create more advertising and increase inventory . My current credit score is 698 .
      Let me remind you south florida is a place where looking good is paramount , so exercising is extremely important and we have gyms everywhere , That is where my product comes in to place is basically all the appareal and accesories for man and women .Competition around me is very little .
      I hope you will take this proposal in consideration , if you are intersted please contact me at
      786 285 94 30 Victoria Report as inappropriate