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    Giving something back

    Johnsquest68 Adventurer
      Ok, yes, my Corporation is new. Here is what I want to do. There is a serious shortage of low to moderate income housing in my area. Alot of families are in need of affordable housing and i would like to build affordable housing units for these families. I am finishing the business plan which involves purchasing 96 acres of raw land, and building a small gated community (100 units) and filling this niche market. The housing would be green, utilizing biofuels for heating and cooling as well as having it's own power generating system. I am looking for someone who is willing to help me maintain and grow this community. It can and will be done. If you are a serious investor, I will discuss this plan with you, the financial need and the return expectations. This is an income stream investment.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Giving something back. How soon do you plan on starting??
          Have you developed a Business and Marketing Plan??
          You are looking for someone who is willing to help me maintain and grow this community

          The more you share, the better our answers,
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              Johnsquest68 Adventurer
              Well, here is my timeline. I would like to have the financial backing by June, so I can start clearing and Phase one construction. Meaning utilities (water,sewer,electric lines,fiberoptic cable, foundations,and rough layout of grounds. Should have Phase one done by September 2008. The First units should be finished by December. And final phase in march or april of 2009. We should have first tenants moving in by June 2009.It is a beutifully planned "Green" developement with alternative energy sources for electric, heating and cooling. Back up generators. With all utilities cable and WiFi in the community. This will be a very appealing project. In have no doubts about filling it to occupoancy withing 60 days of completion. And with the gauranteed income from the state for each unit. This is a winner socially, as well as financially. If you would like to know more, I will happily fax you a Confidentiality agreement, and then a business Plan.