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    Need Investors

    santos514 Adventurer
      Paramount Financial Services Ltd (PFS) was incorporated in may 2003 under the laws of Jamaica , The company is establish to provide micro-financing and other credit /loan facilities and management consultant to small, medium and start up companies. This niche market has been mostly ignored by large by the traditional's financial and banking institutions here in Jamaica. Mr. Philpotts has the major shareholder in PFS has work in the financial industry for the past twenty plus years first in North America and Jamaican market for the last fifteen years. PFS is been totally funded up to this point by myself and my bother , at this point the company need approximately $100k for the first phase expansion. for information please contact us at :

      1-876-754-2298 Fax
      1-443-552-7135 usline
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          tomushunis1 Newbie
          what part of jamaica are you located in. kingston?
          how much would you like me to invest?
          if i invest 10,000, what will be my guarantee of a sound and profitable investment in your franchise?
          i have relations in may pan. so i would not mind investing a littl money in a jamaican business.
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              santos514 Adventurer
              I am in kingston, Please give me a call so we are if you live in the state my usa line is 443-552-7135 or I can be reach at 1-876-754-2293 /95 my mobile 1-876-774-6262 you mention that you have contact in May Pen where in May Pen . Looking forward to here from you soon



              Paramount Financial Services Ltd
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                  JMilares Newbie
                  Hello Neville,

                  My name is John Milares, I am a senior underwriter for NYC Underwriters, located in New York City. We have a unique relationship with an Orthodox Jewish investment management company, whose funds are comprised of some very affluent Jewish families. The financial pool goes well into the billions of dollars. The management company represents (to name a few) families like the Tawils of Manhattan (they purchased a property in the city a few weeks ago for $450 million dollars), the Reichmanns of Toronto (owners of Olympia and York), and David Greenspan of Greenspan Holdings. Unlike other businesses of this nature, we do not operate like the Wizard of Oz, where the investor and/or management company are some mysterious figures behind a curtain. The management companies and investors are ALWAYS fully disclosed.

                  If you care to e-mail me your scenario, I will have my manager look it over and see what we can do for you. Anyone reading this may do likewise, or simply e-mail me should you have any questions or concerns.


                  John Milares
                  NYC Underwriters