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    R U Depreseed? R U Worried about economy? Cheer UP!

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      Then Watch This Video from Deal Book: N Y TImes

      Click on U-tube video and have FUN!!

      Amid the market malaise, does Ben S. Bernanke regret ever becoming chairman of the Federal Reserve?

      That's the idea behind one of this year's offerings at the Columbia
      Business School's spring show, popularly known as the Financial
      Follies. Two years ago, students drew upon the 1980s and The Police
      to express the (hypothetical) anguish of their dean, Glenn R. Hubbard,
      over losing out to Mr. Bernanke for the post of Fed chief.

      Now, they turn to the 1990s and Boyz II Men as they ponder whether Mr. Bernanke would love to change places with Mr. Hubbard. Video after the jump.*