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    New Aircraft Company seeking investor

    jimobus Wayfarer
      *+I am currently designing and developing light sport
      All my designed aircraft will be FAA.certified with documents as approved
      airworthy and safe...

      To become a pilot for my aircraft you would need a drivers laic. and 20 hours of instruction,
      most of that time would be in the air with a instructor and then you are required
      to take the test.

      *These aircraft have a weight limit and can only be piloted in the day light and *
      with a minimum amount of wind, which you would learn for the classes for
      your cert.

      I am currently looking for a investment of 30,000. to get started. I was also hoping
      for the investor to get involved with the business, with the filing of proper doc's
      for FAA ..including the N numbers ser. no. and so on..

      + Thank You+