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    Interested in starting a leads group in Yorkville, Oswego

    MADMAN Wayfarer
      I currently own a small buisness in Yorkville ,The only leads groups in the area are through the chamber of commerence and they meet during the day and afternoon once a week, its hard to be able to run a buisness and make it to the leads group too. I was thinking about maybe starting one that meets once a week in the evening at a local resturant or pub and have a very relaxed atmosphere and have a good time with it.
      I dont want to have to many of the same buisness together at once but a little competion is always good too. So I'm abit undecided about that right now, also im not going to limit people that own buisness to just oswego, yorkville i think all buisness in all communities and citys would be welcome. Just makes the potentioal for more leads, i know that a small fee would be required if i would have to rent an area or something, but im new to this sorta stuff. So if there is someone int the yorkville, Oswego area that would be interested in this idea also and maybe would like to partner up let me know. I think this would be a great idea for a leads group in my area. What are your thoughts?