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    What is POS?  Is it right for your growing business?

    nMoncrief Adventurer
      If you own a retail business or restaurant, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about concerning POS systems. Or, maybe you're interested in taking your business to the next level, and you want the ability to micro-manage every detail. Either way, POS can be a complicated topic until someone explains the basics to you. Since this forum attracts so many new business owners seeking advice, I'm posting the URL to a short article I wrote to serve as a primer on POS systems.

      The article wasn't intended to answer every question. But if you read it and think POS might be right for you, I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can find my contact info by clicking on my profile. Enjoy!

      Neil Moncrief
      Creek Financial Services
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          POS? Is it right for your growing business

          I am a Quickbooks Consultant and use POS with clients

          Point of sale (*POS* ) can mean a retail shop, a checkout counter in a shop, or the location
          where a transaction occurs. More specifically, the point of sale often refers to the hardware
          and software used for checkouts -- the equivalent of an electronic cash register.
          Point of sale systems are used in supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, stadiums, and casinos,
          as well as almost any type of retail establishment.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              bettybug Newbie
              It's a real honor to be talking with a QuickBooks consultant, but I want to know, why is QuickBook producing a linear POS system, where everyone wants a non-linear (graphical oriented) system? It makes touch screen impossible.

              That is my only problem with QuickBook. It's priced much around the same as ChikPOS, so I go for ChikPOS because of its price.

              The stability of both softwares are very good however.
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              amspcs Ranger
              I've been in the merchant processing business for many years and I often am asked about feasability of POS systems for retail businesses. Here's the advise I always give:

              IF, as a businessperson, you are reasonably tech savvy; AND/OR, if you have the budget for a full-time
              tech expert at your disposal, then and only then should your business consider a POS system to handle
              your processing, accounting, inventory etc needs all in one bundled package.

              If the above conditions do NOT apply to you, then forget a POS system. Stick with a standard credit card terminal, find yourself a good CPA, and keep it simple. Otherwise, you'll spend all your time fighting a losing battle keeping your POS system up and running, time that would be better served dedicated to running your business.

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                  nMoncrief Adventurer
                  amspcs, I can see where you're coming from about the need to be somewhat tech savvy. I definitely wouldn't recommend a POS system to my parents, but as long as a business owner or manager has decent computer skills (ie, he can use a mouse to maneuver in a Windows environment), he should be OK. If you haven't looked at POS software lately, you might want to give it a second look. I don't have experience with older systems, but these that I handle are easier to learn than Word or Excel.

                  Personally, I've spent the last several afternoons at a Fox's Pizza franchise that's about to open in Albany, GA. It took me that long to load, test & debug their POS software and then train all their employees. It was a lot of work, but that's what they paid me for. And to be fair, pizza restaurants are among the toughest of all to set up because of the almost infinite number of topping combinations. Now that it's working perfectly, it's a thing of beauty! For a simple retail store, I agree that POS might be overkill. But for a restaurant, they bring increased efficiency and dramatically cut down on kitchen errors.

                  Neil Moncrief
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                  Iwrite Pioneer
                  I know what it is and because of the nature of my business (advertising) I don't have to deal with it.

                  When I worked in retail and fast food, I saw the pluses and minuses of using one. We never trusted what it said as far as inventory was concerned, you always need a set of human eyes to make sure that the inventory numbers are correct. As far as tracking usage and waste, it is a great tool, but once again should be checked by human eyes. I think there are some serious benefits but it should not be relied on completly. I am not middle of the road on this. I would use one if I was in retail, it is a great way to reconcile sales with actual inventory quickly and easily. It is also a great loss prevention tool. One of the reports lead to an employee being caught stealing both money and product.

                  It is not a replacement for good managing, but a tool to help with good managing.
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                    JohnAG Newbie

                    you will also need some help with your firewall and networks if you were going to odo POS. I would be more then happy to help if you have any questions.

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                      mtolleson Newbie
                      I am a retail gift store and desperately need an inventory/pos system. I've been researching and there are so many out there and the price range runs the rainbow. Any suggestions on what other retail gift type stores are using?
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                          nMoncrief Adventurer
                          In your other post, you mentioned that a friend was using QuickBooks POS, but wasn't really happy with it. I hear that from a lot of merchants. With QB POS, you get a VERY expensive POS that's fully integrated with your accounting (QB) system. But the downside is that you can never change CC processors. You're locked into QB's processing, and the rates tend to be high, especially if you do considerable volume. If you go with a non-integrated solution (ie, run QB seperately from your POS), you'd just enter your daily sales totals into your QB program, or whatever software you use to manage the books. You won't have the ability to seamlessly integrate your invoicing and receivables with your accounting system, but unless you have a lot of customers who pay on account, that shouldn't matter. Most retail stores who maintain a simple inventory and sell it to customers (paying with cash or credit card) will find a non-integrated system far less expensive and more flexibile than QB.

                          I read that you are in middle-GA. I'm in Albany, and I preparing to head to FL for the weekend. If you'll reply with an email address, or just call me with it, I'd like to send you some information about a POS system that I think would be perfect for you. If I miss you this morning, I can email it from the beach. Have a good weekend!

                          Neil Moncrief
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                          hogg02 Wayfarer
                          Please check us out at TransActPOS. we have multiple gift
                          stores, hardware stores, etc all over the country. Please email me at
                 or vist our website,, thanks!!!!! ;]
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                            T.A.POS Adventurer
                            I also would like to throw our name into the hat as well to help companies grow and receive information about our POS, let me know fi I can help.

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                              godzila Wayfarer
                              POS is actually the point of Sale.This term i even get confused every time during my studies of Technology Management at College.
                              This term is defined in the books and other sources.
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