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    Building Health, Wealth and Prosperity: A Home Base Business

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      If you're
      tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck, knowing all your hard work is
      building someone ELSE'S bank account and not your own, here is a way
      you can change all that and finally begin working toward the kind of
      life and lifestyle you've always dreamed of having.

      My own
      experience has shown me that having a business of your own is by far
      the best way to get out of debt and gain control over your TIME and
      your FUTURE.

      I certainly wasn't in a position to invest tens of
      thousands of dollars into a franchise or a conventional business, and
      chances are, neither are you. Fortunately, starting your own home
      business with us in MonaVie doesn't require a lot of start-up capital.
      A $39 Distributor Kit and a few bottles of MonaVie can be the beginning
      of what could become a six-figure retirement for you within a few years!

      don't need a background in business or nutrition -- we have plenty of
      tools and training to coach you every step of the way. If you have
      enthusiasm and a genuine desire to change your life, we'll make a great

      I'm looking forward to talking with you about your goals
      and dreams, and you can be sure I'll be committed to working with you
      to make it happen.

      Soar with a winner!

      Nishit & Rani Patel