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    Small Business Company Looking for working capital

    dupontt24 Newbie
      Me and my team are looking for a bank where we can take a loan for working capital. We already have the business plan. Looking for a serious company who can lend us 86K



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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Small Business Company Looking for working capital
          Hello and welcome to this web site. Tell us more about you and your team.
          Where are you located?? What kind of business are you??
          How long have you been in business?? and how did you come up with 86K??
          It is great that you have a Business Plan. How and when will we get repaid??
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            dupontt24 Newbie
            We would like to know if anyone can offer us working capital for our team. We are willing to take a loan for around 100k. Our credit score is good. We may even take business credit card.


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                brinat0318 Newbie

                Is there an email address that I may send you some information about my company? We can assist in your funding needs.

                Generally, I recommend acquiring business lines of credit over utilizing business investors. Investors tend to have opinions that differ than what you specifically want to do and since they are giving you money upfront, you tend to have to do go with their suggestions. Also, an investor may take longer to pay off and be rid of them once the business starts to do well.

                With a line of credit, there are no investors to deal with (certainly none to split profits with), it is just a matter of paying the loan balance. Furthermore, since it is a line of credit, you repay the amount you use, not necessarily the amount you borrow (obviously, terms & rates depend on credit worthiness). If you are interested, I may be able to help you acquire the financing you need.

                I am based in NY/CT area, however, the company I represent is based in Florida. The company name is Developments of the New World & you may also visit the website at for further details. We acquire funding in amounts ranging from $25k - $1M and we can usually close within 1 - 3 weeks.

                As mentioned, for faster results, you will need a FICO score of 700 or above. To ensure that your credit is not affected by further inquires, I recommend that you access your credit file yourself & submit that to us. The reason being is that usually, self-inquires do not adversely affect your credit standing whereas, if we were to pull up your credit file, it may drop a few points.

                If you have a copy of your credit profile, along with a copy of your ID, contact me so that I can get the process started. Just so that you know upfront, this is a brokerage service. We charge up to 15% of the total amount of funds you receive once funding has been approved.

                Please review the materials attached and contact with any questions. I may be reached directly at 914-325-2868.

                Best regards,

                Brian Allen
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                  jodphil2003 Newbie
                  Congratulation on your startup!
                  I have reviewed your request and may be able to assist you.
                  We are Open Door Financial, LLC and we specialize in small cap lending . In some cases we require limited paperwork in an effort to expidite the process. Please contact us at your convienace that we may assist you.

                  Look foward to hearing from you.

                  Jody L. Phillips