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        melabuster Newbie
        We Help & Teach People How To Start their own Home Business Without Taking any Risk or investing any large sums of money. For more details call 888-343-7015
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          live2themax Newbie
          I can help, and I will if you are the right person. It will not cost you a penny to get started, but you must be willing to follow directions. This is a home based opportunity. Email me if you are interested
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            PajamaMan07 Newbie

            Hi my name is Warren Wilkins and if your interested in a home base business then read this.

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            Best Regards,

            Warren Wilkins
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              ponnyfiggs Newbie
              U can also try this link below here not only u can learn but earn as well
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                Vince Adventurer

                Everyone, check out this new helpful article about starting a home based business:
                What You Need to Know About Working From Home
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                  shadow Wayfarer
                  Everyone needs to check this out. We are the fastest growing BIZ on the net. 50% commission paid weekly. Stock options. The stock is up like 200% in the last 3 weeks.


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                    swimshopchina Wayfarer
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                      kavacom Newbie
             your own online shopping centre simply promote it ... facebook / twitter /myspace /bebo ebay etc....
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                        homebizsucces Newbie

                        Starting a Home Based Business requires a lot of thought. Many people just jump right in without knowing the first thing about it, and you have to do your research.

                        When I started my business I searched online high and low and found a lot of Scams. Scams in my opinion are companies that ask for money but give nothing in return.

                        If you are looking for an opportunity, there are many reliable companies out there that are offering one. I joined a company that has been around for years, and is making people a lot of money. Even in what I consider a short amount of time that I have been involved, it has given me more than I expected.

                        Again you have to be selective, and determine what you want to do. Sell products, market others products, sell your own products? There is such a wide avenue when deciding to work from home, you have to discover what will fit your lifestyle best.

                        Good luck!
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                          MICHAEL75065 Wayfarer
                          Hi Jen,

                          I just read your story on here and would like more information on maybe getting involved. I am very smart, ambitious and dedicated hard worker and looking for a business I could trust and count on and be successful at.

                          My Name is Michael Ladd and have a degree in marketing and if this is a good company and somed junk
                          and a professional company then please when get a chance email me.


                          Hope to hear from you soon
                          Michael Ladd
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                            KSSWIM Newbie
                            Hi if your still looking fo a home based business I would like the opportunity to show you mine its retail marketing over the internet and mail order inthe field of wellness and health management and nutrition.Please contact me at
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                              tfugere Newbie
                              I noticed that you had many people post to this thread. Were you ever able to sift through it all and find something that was a good match for you?

                              I have owned many small businesses in my life. My husband and I own a custom home building business in Georgia and before that we owned a home rennovation business.

                              Sometimes it is hard really trying to find something that suits your life and budget. I just started a franchise business and I am loving it. I work with a small group of entreprenuers, medical and business professionals who are truly wonderful.

                              If you walk to talk, I am in the Jacksonville area and would be more than happy to help you in any way that I can. I know many business owners and I am willing to help get you in the path or your dreams. Please feel free to call me at 904-651-0730.

                              Warm Regards,
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                                vnavguys Tracker
                                What are you passionate about? Passion will hold your interest and allow you to expand. Have you considered a blog? Most people do not understand how to monetize a blog, it can be very rewarding and bring in extra cash. I notice a lot of people trying to network an answer here for themselves or generate business. Research seems to be the best answer in my book.
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                                  nishfund Wayfarer

                                  Hi, you said you have a family, so you have kids, so this means you must enjoy kids. I started a business about two years ago with little start up. I might have spent right under $1000.00 on everything. The business I started a a lot of people thought I should have continued because I made about 300.00 a day. I decided to do something that I really enjoy and that's helping individuals get the funding they need to start their business and help individuals with their mortgage and automobile payments. This I enjoy.

                                  The business I used to do is PHOTOGRAPHY FOR KIDS AND DAY CARE CENTERS. I purchase two cartoon back drops. "DORA THE EXPLOER
                                  and SPIDERMAN for about $300.00 a back drop holder for $150.00 (BLACK) I then purchase a camera for about 125.00. I purchase a printer for about $300.00 but you can find a printer for cheaper. I also purchase photo paper and photo folders. I started my advertisement with a few daycares and it took off. People thought I am crazy for doing what I'm doing now but I enjoy it. The photography business I started involved some traveling but it was well worth it because I got paid the same day I did the photos. If you like more information about this I'll e-mail you about how I did everything.

                                  Now if this is something that sounds fun and something you will enjoy doing I still have the backdrops and backdrop holder. They are just sitting around my house.

                                  Remember you can run this business from your home. You can be your own boss. Make your own hours. Set appointments when you feel like it. I am a firm believer in you really don't have to invest in someone else business and make them money while you doing all the work. Invest in yourself and your own business and all the money is yours. I don't think this is selfish just smart.

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                                    tradedude Adventurer
                                    Take advantage of my market place from free classifieds, to trades, real auctions, and a place to open your own store. By from places like craiglist, ebay, and sell on/at A Better Market Place. The most cost effective place for you to buy, sell, trade, auction, even open your own store free. Thl Jon