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        love2spa Newbie
        Hi Megan:

        Could you tell me more about this and also could you pass along the name of the lady that you found to write the Grant for you?

        you can email me at:
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          intechspecial Ranger
          So you want to start a home based business?


          Take what you love to do, your passion in life, and make it your business.


          Lifes Passion + Business = Successful, happy life.
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            tnitni Newbie
            I'd like to introduce you to Tahitian Noni INternational which has a great compensation plan. May I add your email address for an online presentation?
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              talkfusion Wayfarer
              Hi Teamperucco!

              I was also in MonaVie for some time but was looking into something else. I have something now that MonaVie Distributors are using and have assured me that it has increased their business. I can sow you how to make $1300 a week with my company and the distinct possibility of more.

              I will share it with you if you may be interested. I am not trying to sway you away from MonaVie as it is a fantastic product, I still drink MonaVie and it has helped my overall being so I can attest to the fact that it is a very good product.

              Please let me know what your thoughts are and I will get the info to you. You are involved in a very good company but I wanted something with a quicker payout on my efforts. My company has more of an initial outlay but I can sponsor 1 person and make $650 on my efforts.

              The other thing about what I do is the monthly cost to stay active which is just $20 compared to almost $150 with MonaVie to stay active and garner the maximum payout. As I said, I like it but they are too slow for me. I also think my product and opportunity has a much wider appeal to the masses.

              Send me an email to my persomnal address below or call me and we can explore further if you want.

              Don Egnor
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                jen1234 Newbie
                Hi, Tara!

                I was just reading this thread again and was wondering which product of Stone Evans' you used. Do you mind shooting me an email telling me about it? You can reach me at Thanks! I appreciate your time! (That's what I love about forums--being able to interact with so many different perspectives and gain new insights.)
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                  meganm Newbie
                  hi There Love2spa!

                  I have some bad news. The women I spoke about has flaked. I could see it coming. She has not returned any of my calls or emails in the last few weeks. If I here from her I'll let you know. If you know of anyone who is looking to help invest in a startup I am in, Personal Development. I am currently fundraising 25K. I have found this awesome resource called Virgin Money. The company Virgin has started a company where they manage loans between people and you do not have to worry about collecting the repayment. I am willing to give 15%interest.

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                    berrycustom Newbie
                    Have you tried selling via auction sites? There are some great options out there besides in addition to ebay that can really get you started making some great revenue.
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                      pmullins Newbie
                      Hello there i think i have the perfect opportunity for you check this out and let me know what you think ok. What drew me to Ameriplan besides their well reputation was the fact of the LIVE training Conference Calls that the hold every day of the week but i do it 2 times a week with my National Sales Director on Tuesdays and Thursday no other Opportunity offered that. Read below and listen the call and then give me call and i can help you get started today


                      Want to work from Home
                      Our company has been in business 15 years; has been featured in the Dallas Business Journal and the Medical Review Board; and is a Member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Dunn & Bradstreet, Direct Selling Association, NADP and Consumer Health Alliance. Most recent feature was Parents Magazine 05-2008 Issue. We offer daily pay, part/full time work, 401K, no selling, no cold calling, training provided at no extra charge, and FREE programs for your entire household. Live Conference calls every night of the week to help you succeed. What other Home Based Business offers That!

                      There is a low cost start up fee of 95$ Remember this a business not a job! Here is a Sizzling call I would like you to listen to. It is a 15 minute Overview with our National Sales Director Rebecca. And she host 2 of the live Conference calls that we hold a week to ask any questions that you may to help you succeed in your own business The Dial In Number is (641)715-3800 and the Access code id 69653# once you have finished and you want Financial freedom please Contact Paula @ (972)285-9550 and she will answer any Questions you might have or can help you get started TODAY!!!!!

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                        talkfusion Wayfarer
                        Hello anti_sargam !

                        Make the decision for yourself...I am only here to give you the facts. Please read below and use you own judgement on what you want to get involved in. Please read the entire post!!

                        Do you want to know some of the reasons people should be using Talk Fusion Video Email?

                        Below are just a few examples of what Talk Fusion Video Email can be used for.

                        1. Sending customers a personal thank you. Video Email is like thanking them in person!

                        2. Creating brand loyalty. People will remember YOU when they are ready to make a buying decision or when they talk to family and friends.

                        3. Increasing customer relations and retentions.

                        4. Reducing your advertising costs.

                        5. Getting more sales leads and increasing response rates.

                        6. New product releases.

                        7. We are having a HUGE SALE! We want to help you save money!

                        8. Special events, sales, previews, door busters and one of a kind deals.

                        9. Giving your business more exposure, plus a hundred other ways it can be used if you think about it!

                        10. No one else, and they are few, is doing it!

                        Talk Fusion Video Email has Real Time Tracking. You will automatically be notified when someone looks at your Video Email, how many times they looked at it, if they forwarded it to someone, how many times they viewed it, if they sent it to someone and will also let you know if anyone clicked through to YOUR website. Information like this is invaluable in today's business world!

                        Another great feature of Talk Fusion is that we are the only Video Email Company to be placed on the Habeas Safelist, the industry's premier Internet whitelist. Talk Fusion is currently registered with, and approved by, over 4 million ISP's world-wide and that number continues to grow.

                        This is not only a product that ANY existing business can use but also YOUR opportunity to build a Million Dollar business for your future. Do you not think a product and service such as this would be easy to show and sell to a business and individuals?

                        If you will sponsor only 3 Executives a week in Talk Fusion then you will make $1950 a week if you are an Executive! That comes to over $93,000 a year. There are tons of people out there that have to work 3 years for that kind of money. Plus they will not get residual income with their job (just over broke) like you will with Talk Fusion!

                        Let me know if anyone has any other ideas of why Talk Fusion is such an opportunity. We have a wonderful chance here if everyone will just take advantage of it. Another is only going to get better so stay tuned for further info!

                        Don Egnor
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                          emeraldrose63 Adventurer
                          Why don't you sign up for Bigcrumbs?
                          It's free and I make pretty good money at it.. Read about it at my link below. It only takes a few minutes to sign up. I assure you, you'll be glad you did! Just take 5 minutes and read about it and you'll see what mean*..REALLY!*

                          copy and paste my link..


                          good luck to you,
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                            TeamNoLimit Newbie
                            Hi Linda! My name is Chrissy Schepker and I am a recruiter for a fortune 500 financial services company. We are currently expanding in the area and are looking for several people to open and run their own business through our company. It is an amazing opportunity to make some extra money on a part-time basis or even as a full-time career. What is it exactly that you are looking for?
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                              jen1234 Newbie
                              Hi, Lina!

                              How is the search going for you? Have you found anything helpful as of yet? I know there is so much information to sift through, but I am confident that you will find the right fit for you... I think we've all been there at some point when we know that there has just got to be something better out there, etc. I just wanted to say, "Don't get discouraged." You will find something if you keep at it... Let me know if there is anything more I can do to help...

                              You can email me at

                              Be encouraged! Have a wonderful day!

                              Jenna Sauter
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                                uptown73 Newbie

                                IF you are serious call (864)855-5518 ask for Charlie thank you.
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                                  tasteven2000 Newbie
                                  I work with people looking to start their own home based business. We actually invest in several network opportunities and in turn leverage our finances across a broader spectrum. If you interested e-mail me at We can help you find something that will work for you at whatever level you wish to start at.
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                                    tasteven2000 Newbie
                                    Of course there are many opportunities out there and everyone will be promoting theirs. I have found that the best way to make money at home is to find out what you are willing to do for money. An example would be doing paid surveys. I started out doing this and realized that sitting in front of a PC all day to make $50 was not doing it for me. Therefore finding what you are willing to do, how much you are willing to invest, and what you realistically want in return for your time is important. I personally have found that diversity has made me financially successful. Instead of one business I invest in several. this has helped me if one was not doing well, the other was. Try several and find out what fits you. If you need any help or suggestions I'm at We have several opportunities that can help.

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