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    Who inspires you in business?

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      There are so many people in business, from the son of the son who inherited a fortune to a simple self-taught billionaire. Who inspires you in business that you look up to?


      I think for me, there are so many individuals that are strong leaders....legends like Donald Trump to hip young talent like Tyra Banks. You can just see how passionate and focused they are.
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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Who inspires you in business. Sometimes it is the luck of being at the right
          place at the right time. Sometimes it is family and sometimes you fall into a great business
          and you DO NOT thing about who inspired you to go into business until later on.



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          by a model of transparency. Often, small minorities harness the
          *benefits away at the cost of other stakeholders and `the
          *Business structures seek to rectify this. They activate
          personal productivity like no other organization*
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          the individuals themselves play a central role.




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            FCPainter Adventurer
            I am more inspired by people you see around you who get their stores open every day at 7am, keep meeting payroll year after year, have really high ethics and treat their customers well.
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              akgold Adventurer
              I think that the average hard-working American is very inspirational. It's people who go to work each day helping to build this country and the world and make it a better place.

              If I had to pick one person from today I would say perhaps...Steven Jobs for the incredible job he has done in giving computers a beautiful interface + the iPod + iPhone. Apple is an amazing American company.

              If I had to pick one inspirational person from the recent past, I might say Andrew Carnegie because I am from Pittsburgh originally :-)

              And, from the distant, distant past I would say..King David. Being a good leader is about taking care of your flock.
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                  Bemore Adventurer
                  I have been a part of a rapidly growing networking organization in Indiana for 3 years now. I have met some of the most wonderful business people a person could even dream of meeting. Each of these individuals inspire me daily. Rainmakers, the fastest growing networking organization in the midwest, is filled with entrepeneurs and possibility thinkers. My thinking about myself, my business, my success has been positively effected by this team of others who believe in the abundance mentality and are helping me grow my business.

                  Hats off to Tony Scelzo, Lorraine Ball and the entire executive board of Rainmakers as well as the 1300 other members in Indiana.