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    Reputable, current mailing lists...

    designer Tracker
      Is there such a thing as obtaining a (for what it's worth) dependable mailing list? I am looking for specifically targeted names/addresses to send promo postcards to.

      I want the recipient to be a jewelry lover and buyer of jewelry. I don't want my postcards to go to a home where the postcard will be in the trash in 20 seconds.

      Thank you for suggestions/helping.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Current mailing lists. Reputable??
          Most postcards that go to a home, will wind up in the trash.
          BUT look at all the junk mail we do get.
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            MProctor Newbie
            Hello. Have you looked at InfoUSA? You can purchase mailing lists that can be subselected by consumer items. For example, InfoUSA can provide lists of consumers in: accessories, women's apparel, stylish women's apparel. Check out

            One free source is Claritas. They provide free zip code profiling, based on psychodemographic lifestyles. This approach can target higher end consumers at a local level, but does not drill down to apparel/accessories level. Check out:

            You will probably have to do some tests to see which method is effective. Hopefully, you have a tracking method to know where your customers are coming from. If not, you can offer a discount or a special gift if customers mention a reference code provided on the mailing.

            I hope this helps.
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              Iwrite Pioneer
              Yes, there is. Technology and the mining of information has improved the accuracy of mailing lists.

              The company printing your post cards should be able to get you bids from two or three reliable mailing list services. If not, email me ( and I will have my printer put you in contact with someone good. Your printer may be able to work their relationship to get you the best price, which is why I suggest talking with them first. Let them know that the success or failure of this mailing will weigh heavily on whether you continue the post card program, that this is a test. They should be interested in your success.

              Good luck and let me know if I can help.
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                djryan Newbie
                We are a small professional services company prinicipally marketing to law firms. We do a great deal of promo postcards each week. We have bought lists in the past but they are usually groups of names at the same law firm; not really the best. The costs of mailing are climbing as everyone knows and we are considering emailing the same layout that we now send in a postcard. Some of my business executive friends say they rarely read junk snail mail but may be inclined to read an e-mail. The way we look at it we can reach the same number of people with less cost.

                Any thoughts???
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                    Iwrite Pioneer
                    Email marketing is being very popular but the filters to protect against them are becoming more sophisticated. There are a variety of factors that can result in an email automatically being marked as spam. I think the real issue is catching the attention of the reader, whether it is from a direct mail piece or an email. Take a moment to figure out how to cut through the clutter. I think you should try the email but be prepared to use a mix of postcards and emails.

                    Look at how effective the message is. Does it speak to the needs of the reader or does it simply put forth a message? What is the benefit to the reader?
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                    dollsbags Adventurer
                    Stats show a 3-5% (5% is exceptional!) return on direct mailings producing some kind of action (a visit to a website, etc) with 1-2% leading to a sale. Statistically speaking, you'll need very large volumes to produce decent results and should really get an expert to design the post card for you, or do a lot of research. Huge companies spend MILLIONS of dollars to determine the right combination of words that deliver results. Copy the techinques they use.