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    Starting an interior design business

    jtedstrom Newbie
      My wife is starting an interior design business. Mostly by connecting with a local fabric store and a store that supplies flooring and countertops etc. Also considering trying to connect with builders to assist with their clients. She's been pretty successful in getting clients to start. Any other ideas we should be pursuing?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Starting an interior design business, Welcome to this web site.
          Where are you located?? Go to Members page and add a few works about yourself.
          Has your wife developed a Business and or Marketing Plan??
          Once you have a client, give the client an incentive to get you other clients.
          Another idea would be SCORE. Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            designer Tracker
            Hello! The support for your wife is just admirable! Bravo, to you!!! You make it more of a "team" which is great. So many husbands and wives do their own things and go nowhere fast.It's nice to share and build together.

            If I can make some suggestions, your wife needs a Web site and/or portfolio. People want to see "before" and "after" transformations. I'm sure once a project is booked it will keep her busy for awhile. It's probably important at this stage of the game to book clients, build a reputation and work, work, work, and learn, learn, learn, and grow. Each client will be different. The rest will follow.
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              AGCCKC Newbie
              Staging homes for sale, especially right now, can make or break the sale in the current real estate market. "Staging" is a little different than decorating in that you're selling lifestyle versus traditional decorating methods; it's almost like merchandising versus decorating. However, If you can partner with a furniture company who may be willing to place pieces you desire in a new home model at no charge in returen for marketing exposure, that would be good too! Offer the design services and with furniture at no charge. Emerging custom home builders are a good target.
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                VelvetBlues Wayfarer
                Yes, I agree, your wife will need a website. Often, a well-designed and professional website can do a lot of marketing for a company, especially if you do not have a storefront. It can help to display your work, your pricing, and the options available to your clients. Additionally, once you have a website, ongoing costs will amount to about $8 monthly, much less than maintaining a storefront.


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