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    non profit community service

    AJDLaundry Wayfarer
      I want to set up part of my laundry service to be a non profit community service for those in need in the community. Any idea what requirements are needed to be classified as a non-profit service? And does anyone know if part of my service can be ruled non profit and the other part for profit?

      Thanks, A JD Laundry.
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          I believe you'd need to form a separate legal entity for the non-profit operation.

          Your profile indicates that you're in CA. There's a book on how to form a non-profit corporation in California called How to Form a Non-Profit Corporation in California (imagine that!) by Anthony Mancuso. It's about $32 through Amazon, or perhaps you can find it in the library or browse through it in a bookstore to get more answers to this. CA passed some unique laws that give the state Attorney General a lot of oversight relative to non-profits and the directors who manage them -- so creating and managing a non-profit entity is no small task.

          Hope this helps. Best wishes.
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