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    Loan Consultants looking for help with business clients?

    FinanceHelp4U Wayfarer

      *If you are an honest, reputable Loan Officer/Financial Consultant looking for a Company to help offer more options to your business clients, then please feel free to contact me. At my company, we work to help small businesses to build and separate personal and business credit. We help them obtain loans/lines of credit through lenders and vendors (such as Bank of America and many others).
      We help them obtain corporate funding, unsecured lines of credit, building credit and establishing lines with major banks (as stated above), obtain operating licenses for conducting business in multiple states, increase their Paydex score to 80 or above, reduce liability through advanced corporate restructuring services, eliminate derogatory items from corporate credit files, register them with Dunn & Bradstreet, Experian Smart Business and Equifax Commercial.

      We work with a team of experienced attorneys to offer corporate legal services. We can help companies that are not just looking to incorporate, but to protect intellectual property through trade marks or patents benefit from leveraging the experience and knowledge of our Legal Team.

      *We offer many credit services - most importantly - getting the business the loans/lines of credit they need to survive and be successful. Working with a wide range of clients, even those with less than perfect personal credit and no business credit. *

      So, if you feel you could help your clients by working with us and becoming one of my team members, please feel free to contact me for details.

      Alot of mortgage loan officers/brokers have the opportunity to help clients who own businesses. WIth the mortgage market being what it is today, this is a great service that you could be able to offer your clients.

      *I am only looking to expand my team for a short while, as this is a service that is greatly needed by a large number of business owners. *


      Carol J. Smith, Financial Consultant
      *(877) 382-8159 Toll Free *


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          TJMorehead Adventurer
          Hello Ms. Smith,

          I see you are doing great things. I am business finance consulting who assist start-up and emerging companies with government and other alternative financing. In reading your write-up we pretty much offer the same services. Considering such, I say you are doing an admirable service.

          Perhaps we can talk soon. Take care,

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              FinanceHelp4U Wayfarer
              *+TJ, Thanks and right back at you. Small businesses need services such as ours and we need to make sure they know they have options like o
              Sure, we will probably be talking on down the line,


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                LUCKIEST Guide
                Consultants looking to help.
                Do you all know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE
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                    FinanceHelp4U Wayfarer

                    *+I know all about SCORE, as I formerly worked with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), not only in employment but in many other matters
                    *So, I really don't know what you are implying, but I know that SCORE is free and a great tool for people to use. But, not everyone wants to use SCORE or are they required to. I have had many people come to me, after I have directed them to SCORE and then returned to me so overwhelmed after talking to a SCORE Rep. These same people told me their head was spinning and they were ready to give it up, due to feeling somewhat intimidated with the whole process. *

                    Ultimately, in the end I helped these people and they were very happy with my help and relieved - they didn't give up their dream, instead they are now living it.

                    *In saying that, I have also sent many people to SCORE who have contacted me afterwards with some questions - but ended up following through, and SCORE was great for them. *

                    I will be the first to say it is a great free public service. I have in the past and continue to meet quite a few of the Reps personally and they are all great, knowledgeable people. Additionally, I have a tremendous amount of contacts/friends at the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), both on the local (statewide in my home state), other states and in their Headquarters in Washington, D.C. In having these contacts, I can also obtain information first hand from an SBA Rep (if it is something I don't know) instead of having to go through a Loan Officer at an SBA approved Bank.

                    *Like I have stated in previous posts, SBA is great -; and I backup SCORE tremendously, but it is not for everyone. So why try to fit a square peg in a round hole? That is a great old saying..... I also refer people to other agencies who can help them for free in my local area - but, as you "should" know, since you are apparently implying I am seeking to charge clients a consulting fee for services they can get free from "SCORE", etc. *

                    *+You appear to be a smart person - so, in saying that, I am under the assumption you all well aware of the fees (points) clients are charged when they apply and receive an SBA backed loan. Just to set the record straight, I will clarify these for some of the business people out there that haven't yet checked on these types of loans/free services (as you keep reminding them in most all your posts). When obtaining an SBA Loan - they are charged a guaranty fee (usually prime rate + a certain amount of points) for SBA providing that Lender with the SBA backing "in case the loan goes into default - SBA then will cover the loan up to a certain percentage (this is why Lenders want an SBA guaranty)". So SBA charges a fee for providing the Lender the guaranty, then the Lender is permitted by SBA to add their additional "points" to the SBA "points" which usually adds up to a pretty hefty sum and is a/k/a the "guaranty fee" - making the fee even more for helping the client obtan financing through SBA. The total amount of points allowed is mandated by what SBA allows on the certain type of loan, the amount of the loan, etc. It is understandable that SBA must charge these fees/points due to being able to use the funds for the loans that end up in default. The Banks then add the additional fees/points so that they make money. They are in business to make money. Additionally, SBA does not back loans for certain types of business ventures.+ *

                    So, clients are charged a large amount in the form of the "guaranty fee" and in most instances, SBA will also require the Bank (since the Client cannot go directly to SBA - an SBA loan must be submitted through an SBA approved Lender) to have the business owners to sign a "PERSONAL GUARANTY" as a requirement to obtain the funding. Then, the business owners are personally on the line (even if they are incorporated, etc.), and could potentially lose their home, automobile(s), etc....

                    *+In speaking of the fees/points the SBA charge + the fees on top of that the banks charge - then what is the difference in paying a Consultant to help you with the process?+ *

                    It appears you want it too appear that it is unreasonable for me or another Consultant (of their choosing) to charge a fee for helping them - when they can just go get a "free loan" with the help of SCORE..........

                    Consider the hours they will spend in putting together huge packages for Lenders which SCORE will direct/assist them to do, if the are not overwhelmed and give up, coupled with the fees/points they will be charged for obtaining an "SBA" loan (if they happen to fit the guidelines and receive an approval).

                    Please give the people on here the full information - not just try to make it appear that you have the answer to all their problems with "SCORE".....

                    I am a 100% female owned business, located in a HUBZONE (if you are so schooled on programs, such as "SCORE", then I assume you know what that means). I work very hard for my clients and don't wish to be "bully-ed"/pushed around by you or anyone else. I have a right to offer my services, I have an account with Bank of America and also assist with placing alot of clients with Bank of America and other large lenders. So please be nice and respect other people who post on here.

                    Back to your post regarding free "SCORE", etc. Believe me, I know the whole process, I lived it, worked it day in/day out, working with the SBA approved Lenders directly - so I know the programs offered to help business owners, such as your favorite "SCORE" plus others such as SBDC (Small Business Development Centers), etc Again, I will say that SCORE is a great service to business owners and will help them, even in alternate routes for loans - not just SBA. Though, the majority of the time they will guide you in the SBA direction "banks in your area that are approved SBA Lenders".

                    People need options, SCORE (even though it is a great tool) - is not FOR EVERYONE.....
                    *Before I finish, I will add something of a personal note too - my own Father, was one of 11 children and grew up here in the Appalachia in poverty conditions. People of his day and time in this area had large families due to needing the help in raising gardens, tobacco (which they took to market once each year), milking the cows, helping with the livestock, etc., anything needed to keep food on the table, as work was very hard to come by here. As my Dad lived and grew up here in that era, he was ultimately enrolled and attended school during the months when his labor was not needed (now remember - he was just a small child) and then pulled out of school to work the fields, milk the cows, whatever labor was needed, etc., so his family could survive. So you could say overall my Dad's education consisted of attending a few months here and there throughout his boyhood, up until he reached close to the sixth grade at which time he was able and needed to work full time. *

                    *In effect, I grew up with my Dad not being able to read and write, but my Dad was the smartest man I ever knew. Do you think my Dad could have completed any of the preparations/paperwork, etc., even with the guidance of SCORE to obtain a loan? It makes me very sad because I know and commend SCORE for what they do - but my Dad (being the proud man he was) would have left their office and given up on attempting for a business loan. *

                    *I come from a poverty stricken background - where the people are proud, hard workers and very intelligent. Just due to the fact the only way they knew to provide food on the table was in this manner, doesn't mean they shouldn't have access to working with someone who can help them obtain their dreams, thus providing a better life for their families. In what I am trying to say - is, people have the right to obtain help/consultation which they are comfortable with. *

                    *My Dad raised me and made sure I had the means to get the education he never had. As a child, at the approximate age of 7-8, Dad would sat with me when I was completing my homework and he enjoyed watching me, knowing he would ensure I would get the education he was never afforded in his lifetime. He always had a thirst for knowledge and as he grew older he self taught himself to read the Bible. He was very proud of me and my brothers and taught us to always treat people the way we want to be treated. I have an older brother (who is 3 years older than me) who has Dsylexia/ADD that was not caught in school (they didn't do the testing of students back then that they do now). I worked with him, teaching/helping him with subjects he was strongly struggling with in school, I helped him from the time I was 7-8 years old. *

                    *My Dad passed away in 1995 and like I said he was the smartest man I ever knew. My son (I only have one child) is the smartest boy I know - he reminds me of my Dad. He has the opportunities my Dad never had also and he is in the top of his class. He has maintained a straight A average, even when juggling football, basketball, working with the Academic Team and attending Church. So, when he is grown up and I consider him a man - then I know I will be saying my Dad and my son are the two smartest men I have ever known. The reason for this background information is to show I am very compassionate about helping people (no matter what their background) and I know what I am doing. So, please do not undermine me. *

                    LUCKIEST, I will always show you respect and I would appreciate if you would kindly extend to me the same. People must have options in this life.



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                  Wappahso Wayfarer
                  I am interested in the service you provide and will be happy if you can assist me in securing a loan for my company... You can visit my website at I started in June last year but just launched so I am looking to buy a new computer... I need just about 3k.

                  thanks in advance for your help
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                    OilandGas Newbie
                    I read this forum and it was very thoughtful. I was woundering if you could help my business. My business is complicated in many ways...