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    Legitimate home based opportunities?

    MetroGal Adventurer

      Now that summer is coming...I have been surfing Craigslist for money making opportunities. Some of them look a bit questionable??? How do I know what is legitmate vs. a possible scam? What type of business opportunities are there for me to start from my home (ideally, requiring no money down - if there is such a thing). There seems to be lots of stuff available, but not sure which ones are legitimate. Any help is much appreciated. THX
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Home based opportunities.
          *If the opportunities look *a bit questionable, they properly are.
          Do you have a Lawyer??
          Never send money up front.
          Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE.
          As I tell me children BE CAREFUL,
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              carobinson Newbie
              There is no way to start a home based business without putting money down, if there was everyone one would be doing it, (it would be just another JOB). Investing a small amount of cash also makes you more committed, you'll want to protect your investment. There are many legitamate business opps. available that require a very small initial investment. Once you decide what is you want to do, you must be dedicated. It requires time and energy to get your product into the hands of your the intended customer.
              You should have a product or service that you can get excited about, I mean really excited, so excited you can't wait to wake up in the morning to go to work. It should be something that you would buy yourself and can be used by everyone. After all if you are not excited about it, how do you expect someone else to get excited about it or buy it. If you can find something new something that most people do not know about and has a huge groth potential this will increase you chance of sucess.
              Once you find a product or service . you need to get it into thet hands of the consumer. The largest investment of any business is marketing. Make no mistake that marketing is very competative, and expensuive. It requires a lot of Savy. Most of us can't afford invest a large sum money into advertising, So start small and always reinvest up to 80% of what you make back into the business. You must think long term. This is my favorite Pick" Any questions call 703 216 8936. or email
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              designer Tracker
              Have you thought about selling Avon, Partylite, Pampered Chef, Herbalife, Lia Sophia, etc? Those are companies and name brands you can trust. If you are great at pulling people together for a little backyard soiree and good at selling, it can be a fun opportunity? I am with you....those work-at-home ads are too scary for me!
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                  MetroGal Adventurer

                  Excellent suggestions designer. Thank you. Actually Avon has recently come up with a new line of products called "Mark" which is becoming very popular. This also reminds me that my friend in Nevada she sells products like dishes, tupperware, serving platers, etc. She hosts parties at her house and then sells the products. I'm not sure what % she brings in but seems to be enjoying it.
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                  Lighthouse24 Ranger

                  First, there are a lot of legitimate businesses that can be operated from one's home. While there are obviously some products and services that can't be sold from a residence, many can.

                  That said, you seem to be asking about the frequently advertised home based business opportunities. These are not usually "scams" (meaning an attempt to cheat or swindle), but they're not quite "legitimate" (meaning exactly as represented) in most cases, either. Four things I'd consider when examining advertised opportunities:

                  1. Can you confirm that the company and the person making the offer are real (verifiable addresses, phone numbers, legal filings with their state, business references such as a bank, etc.)? If none of this information is being offered or provided, and if you can't find any public records about the company or people who are pitching the opportunity to you, there's probably a reason.

                  2. Is there a real product or service involved? If you examine the initial ad or offering, yet still don't have a clear idea what the product or service is, there may not be a real product or service (at least not one that anyone wants to buy). If it's a good opportunity, there will be something good to sell -- something they're both proud and eager to tell you about, and something you'd be proud and eager to represent. (The companies that designer mentioned above are all examples of this.)

                  3. Does the profit come from selling the product/service, or selling the opportunity to sell the product/service? If the business and the person presenting the opportunity has made more money selling the opportunity than they have made selling the actual product or service, the amount of money you can make will be extremely limited (because you'll have to keep selling to new "opportunity seekers" like yourself, just as they did, in order to generate revenue). After all, if there was real money to be made from selling the product or service, why would they cut you in? This question is particularly applicable to Internet-based opportunities and enterprises. It doesn't make sense (to me) to pay someone to start-up "your own web-based business" that sells exactly the same thing as the 2.6 million similar web-based businesses that already exist.

                  4. Does the business thrive on the same things you thrive on? In other words, will good business revenue come from doing something you enjoy and do very well, or will making money require you to spend time on activities you dislike and would dread doing? (If it's the latter, you may as well have a regular job.)

                  Hope all that helps. Good luck!
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                    Peter63 Wayfarer
                    Check out the "" home page, lots of opportunities there, both on and off line.

                    You don't specify which you'd like, but IMHO, I would say go with online, as (in general) all you do can be run from you desk, i.e. PC or laptop. Type in some words into Google, such as "home business" etc and you'll get pages of offers and suggestions. Then narrow down you search; type the product/person/company name, along with "review" and see if there's a good or bad review from previous customers. You'll soon get a good handle on this and be able form your judgements accordingly. It's all down to a spot of research : )
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                      j_candles Newbie
                      Have you ever thought of becoming a Gold Canyon Candle demonstrator? It's a great way to earn extra money. It is your own business, so the more you sell the more you make. You can go online to and check it out. If you want more information you can email me at Hope that helps.
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                        pmullins Newbie
                        Let me no what you think if interested give me a call

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                          berrycustom Newbie
                          Have you looked to sell on ebay or other auction sites? If you are looking for products to sell but not have to carry the inventory, I would recommend looking for companies that dropship products for you. A great way to start making money but not have the risk of having a lot of inventory stored up.
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                            easyfreewebde Wayfarer


                            We have been successful selling online. I would reccommend you go to trusted sources, and marketplaces that have security measures in place, Ebay is very proactive in this area.

                            Finding the right sources can be a task. Pick something you are comfortable and knowledgable about, then look for a source. Dropship Sources Online ( ) has over 500 verfied dropshippers and wholesale suppliers. You should be able to find what you want to sell there.

                            Here is one of our sources sell musical instruments and guitars.

                            If you need a online store built after you get you product sourcing please keep us in mind




                            Good Luck!
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                              mikelphilip Newbie
                              Hi All
                              At present with The layoffs and cutoffs of the employees from the companies,Every one is looking forward for Home based businesses only.So Naturally there are some scam businesses are also comes in to role.The fresher will have to be care ful about all these scam business options.One should select a legal home business.the legitamate home based business opportunities are undesirable for the users.To Odentify the scam business One need to have minimum knowledge about the work at home business ideas and concepts.there are many sites providing thgis information.The Instant Income Plan( is also one such kind of site.I Hope this onformation will be a greate use for you.thanking you..
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                                WebPublisher Newbie
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                                  theor23 Newbie
                                  Be aware of how they set up their sites, usually if the income exceeds a substantial amount in a certain period of time, yeah it usualy is. Have you seen checked out the IPC program? If you havnt I highly urge you to look into it. This is where It all started for me. Success has been amazing so far, if you would like to know more let me know.
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                                    kmswealth Newbie
                                    Hi. Lighthouse brought up some very good points and I just wanted to expand on it. I've been in 15 different home based businesses, one of them a "start up" which failed after two years. With the experience I had gained, I applied it to searching for the best business and finally found my home with a business that has true long term residual income and I'll share some of the things I looked for that helped me.

                                    Look into businesses that have a proven track record. You can devote your time and energy into a business and then it's all gone because the business was not able to overcome unanticipated obstacles.

                                    Also, as Lighthouse said, make sure the success is based on selling products. That's a customer based model as opposed to a distributor based model. Many people will tell you how much money you can make just by referring people but when someone leaves, your income drops. You want a stable business based on customers. Also make sure you try the products and believe in the products. It's difficult to be in a business where you don't believe in the products.

                                    On checking the company, go to the Better Business Bureau. That will give you a clear idea right there. If they are just listed with them, you can see if there are any complaints. If they are accredited with them, that makes it more credible but don't discount them if they're not accredited with them because it costs money and some businesses don't want to pay the money. As long as they don't have many complaints.

                                    Also, search the internet with the name of the business and "scam" after it or "complaints" or "review". Be careful - there are network marketers who will say a business is a scam just to promote their own opportunity. Check and Do the same type of search for the owner and see if the person is credible. If the owner has been in prior companies that were closed down because of problems, it should make you think twice about joining a new business with that owner.

                                    Also, what type of marketing is in place. What do you need to do to be successful. Are there sales tools in place and a system in place to help you to be successful. You can have the best product but if there isn't a way for you to promote it, it will be more difficult for you to be successful.

                                    The most important consideration in choosing a business is that you are passionate about what you do and that you fully understand what you are joining before you join. If the person you speak with is unsure or not willing to provide you with information, don't join or seek someone else.

                                    Make 2009 a great year!


                                    Katherine Smith


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                                      richmang Wayfarer
                                      hi odeal here.

                                      just simply, go to, I will send you info on what we have to offer. So you see for yourself.

                                      to your success of buliding on no budget. Odeal Watson.
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                                        charlesgrayfx Newbie
                                        Your concern for legitimacy is quite understandable. All of us with any experience have been taken (probably more than once). Given that you have little money to invest, your major asset is your time. Like many you have more time than money. Therefore, it seems reasonable to invest in yourself at the lowest possible cost.

                                        You may or may not like multi-level marketing, but given your low investable funds, it seems that learning about it for free before making any commitment would be prudent. After all, some people have done quite well in MLM while those lacking the training and understanding of the busines fail.

                                        Here is site for free MLM training: http://www.GrayFoxConsulting.Net

                                        Best of luck.
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                                          If you are looking for money making opportunities, we approach it from to angles; 1) start a business from scratch, we provide a guide and recommendations for doing so and 2) look for money making programs, we also provide a recommendations as well.


                                          I am sure that you will find something that you like.


                                          Larry Hutzell

                                          Managing Director and Founder