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    What type of client are you?

    Iwrite Pioneer
      A group of advertising folks got together a while back to hang out. As is the case anytime you get a group of advertising folks together, our conversation turned to our number one problem - clients.

      Everyone had a story about their clients:
      The bad ones don't get it, they're over thinking everything or they have unrealistic expectations.
      The good ones understand, they realize that there is a lot involved in the decision making process and they have realistic expectations.

      This discussion along with an exchange in another post got me thinking - what type of client are you? I know what type of client I would like to be but to be totally honest, I'm not always him.

      Here are some VERY general types. I tried to keep it simple and broad, most of us fall in-between the ranges. No all of any one type. Take a look:

      • The Visionary: understands that times and people change and is willing to take risks to truly stay in touch with today's consumers.
      • T*he Know-it-all:* knows everything and has all the answers. They're looking for hands to execute thier vision.
      • The Team Player: works with the agency to develop the brand. Participates but allows people to do their jobs.
      • The Control Freak: doesn't know everything but has to micro manage every aspect of a project
      • The Maverick: can't stand being like everyone else, consistently pushes for work that is different and stands out.
      • The Bandwagoner: has no faith in anything until they see some one else do it and then it is full steam ahead to do what they just saw.
      • The People person: prefers to speak to people's emotions. Recognizes the importance emotions play in the buying decision and uses it sell.
      • The Data Cruncher: is ruled by numbers and data (which is usually old). Dictates how the brand is marketed by numbers.
      I want to be a mix of the Team Player with a equal portion of People Person and Maverick, but I can be the Know-it-all.

      You can substitute "customer" for "client." It isn't just about working with an advertising agency.

      What type are you?


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          DomainDiva Ranger
          I am a combination of Visionary and Team Player with a healthy dose of "it's a one another world" when it comes to dealing with others. I treat my clients as I would like to be treated and as a customer I treat my vendors the way I would like to be treated.

          I beleive in being nice and treating people with respect however I do not turn towards the emotional aspect, to me that is cheap and tacky. It's business it has to stay on an intellectual, factual level. There's a logical reason for the visionary aspect and being a team player is the only way to get things done.
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            Usually, my "client" or "customer" is actually an organization. So normally, the work I do is managed by committee or by consensus, and at least one of each of those types of people is involved and somewhat influential in the process.

            What am I as a client or customer? I'll admit, I'm probably a "Know-It-All" (when I think I do), but before anyone "condemns" that, it's my business, and I've usually been through whatever we're doing more times than the professionals who have me as a client (they often learn things from my projects).

            When I don't "know it all," I'd say I'm a balance of "Visionary" and "Data Cruncher" -- mainly because the professionals I work with are the Team Player, People Person, Maverick, and Band Wagoner styles -- so I'm the one most likely to prompt risk-taking, and the one most likely to insist on a way to measure results. (So maybe that makes me a Team Player -- the fact I fill the roles that they can't or don't.)
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              designer Tracker

              This question has been forcing me to THINK!

              I keep coming back to it on and off.....

              I don't know what type of client I am. Wait - - -I think I am a great client. Yes, I am a devoted and faithful client., this is getting easier. Yes - - I am a brand name, true blue client. When I find something that works, I stick with it. Like my favorite Lever 2000 soap, like my Northern Bathroom tissue, like my Brawny Pick-A-Size paper towels. Just like Windex and Pledge....I stick with a quality brand I can depend on. I may sway from time to time and get tricked into trying something new or cheaper...but I go back.


              I expect my clients to be the same towards me at


              I even reward them for believeing in me with a VIP Club.


              The dream client is one who takes a look at my Web site and within 5 or 10 minutes...they totally get me. It just clicks for them, they place an order. They are not a hassle - - -they just buy into what I dream and set out to do by providing a quality product with lots of perks. They can see the big picture. It's irritating when a person is on your Mailing List and has been with you for 3 years and they never buy. They only like to be nosy and see what's going on. They watch from the sides and "pretend" they are on board. I say...put your money where your mouth is! Ha!