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    M is for Mother' Day

    LUCKIEST Guide
      M is for the million things marketed as Mother's Day Merchandise.

      How do we sort the brilliant from the ballyhoo??

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          designer Tracker

          Well, I truly believe with my whole heart and soul that a necklace gift from is a sure-fire winner! Not only do you get a beautiful handcrafted jewelry piece made by award-winning, celebrity jewelry designer Kenneth Fron, it comes with a little logo tag built in so you know the piece is authentic. The necklace also comes in a satin-lined necklace folder for safekeeping and you get a signed Certificate of Authenticity. The folder is then wrapped is crisp white tissue paper and placed in a turquoise box with lid. The box is then tied in chocolate brown, logo imprinted satin ribbon. The box then comes in an attractive tote bag and you also get a free surprise gift with purchase. If people choose to, people can browse the Web site and see a BUZZ page, Celebrity page, Testimonials, a VIP Club and more! Plus - - the necklace they own will be in the Gallery for all to see and enjoy! If you buy 5 necklaces over any period of time, you get a 6th one FREE and are automatically in the VIP CLub. Surely, you cannot get this personal service in any retail department store. Hurry, because the Spring 08 Collection is rapidly selling-out!
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger
              Hmmm, how about registering Mom for one of the outstanding seminars offered by Lighthou . . . nah, get her a necklace.
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                  designer Tracker
                  Hey! I like that we're talking!!!! LOL!

                  Forgot to mention, each necklace is ONE of a kind and is individually named. Once it sells, it's gone forever. Plus, unlike flowers that will die, and candy that will add the pounds and get eaten...a necklace will last decades. Thank you!
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                  Iwrite Pioneer
                  LOL. Nice one.

                  I think it is any gift or present that would bring a smile to her face. That says she is loved and appreciated.

                  The problem is we have marketed every product like it is the perfect gift for Mother's day. My mom used to have a rule, a present could not be something that helped her do work. That is my criteria to this day.

                  She would have loved a one of kind necklace. But this year, my family is walking in The Race for a Cure in her memory.
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                    MetroGal Adventurer
                    Yikes! Mother's Day is rapidly approaching.

                    This message is to user designer: Your necklaces are selling out. I was on your website last week and eyed this beautiful white pearl/crystal necklace and was so slow to act..and now it's gone. When do you plan on launching your summer collection? Make sure to let us know. Next time, I know to act faster. Any other forum members have online businesses/stores - - that I might be able to buy a Mother's Day present from?
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                        designer Tracker
                        Hi, Everyone! Thank you... yes...It's true...I have only 6 necklaces left on my Catalog...they are beautiful. They will arrive in a satin-lined necklace folder, box w/ribbon, tote bag. There's no wrapping required.

                        I can ship with Priority Mail and Delivery Confirmation if anyone is interested. Orders today will go out Tuesday morning. Tuesday orders go out Wednesday and then that would be about it for Mother's Day to ensure your gift to be received in time.



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                      Johnsquest68 Adventurer
                      Luckiest, your probably going to get a million different answers to that question. In my humble opinion, whatever makes Mom smile is the best gift. Whether it be a new perfume, a piece of jewelry, a floral arrangement, or a picture drawn by the grand kids. Just about anything could be the best gift, but what comes from the heart is what i give. A card to express how much she means to me and either a bouquet of flowers or a rose bush and always include something from my children. It's all personal and there is no right or wrong answer.
                      • Mother' Day TOP SELLER is the angle wing necklace
                        ViViSkinny11. Adventurer
                        The ever so popular heart and wing necklace is one of the hottest sellers. Angel wing earrings, heart and wing necklaces and cuffs are all apart of this fashion trend sweeping main stream. Whatever way you can get it make sure you are offering it. Simples silver necklaces, bracelets or chunky statements pieces with heart and wings are this seasons must. Black angel wing earrings should run about 11.00 on up that will have you looking in style and trendy. Anything with heart and wings are a perfect gift for mom on mohters day....sealed with a kiss!

                        Thank you for allowing us to be apart of your success.