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    UPC Bar Codes

    sooner Wayfarer

      What is the best way to obtain a upc bar code? There are so many search results that I don't know which ones are legit. Is there a govermental website that one can obtain from?
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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Barcode system

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          A barcode system is a network of hardware and software, consisting primarily of mobile computers,
          printers, handheld scanners, infrastructure, and supporting software.
          Barcode systems are used to automate data collection where hand
          recoding is neither timely or cost effective. Barcoding systems are not
          systems even though the companies that provide barcode equipment will
          often also provide RFID equipment and many companies use both
          technologies as part of larger resource management systems.


          There is a wide range of hardware that is manufactured today for use in
          Barcode Systems. The best known brand of handheld scanners and mobile
          computers is Symbol, which is now a division of Motorola.


          Hope this helps, LUCKIEST
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            Are you asking how to obtain a UPC for a product that you manufacture and wholesale? If so, The Uniform Code Council, now called GS1US (a non-profit standards organization) manages UPCs. To obtain a new UPC bar code, you have to become a member of the Uniform Code Council and receive a unique GS1 prefix for your company. An application is available online, along with a video tutorial and complete information. Visit:

            The minimum application fee is $750 up front, plus a minimum annual fee of $150. That's pricey for some small businesses with only a few products . . . so there are lots of companies that obtain valid UPCs from GS1US, and then resell those UPCs to small businesses (saving the small business the membership and annual fees.

            These are "legit" -- but not always a good idea since your product will have that company's manufacturer prefix, as opposed to a unique GS1 prefix assigned to your company. Here's why that might be a problem: If you and I each bought our UPCs from the same company, our products would have the same prefix (manufacturer code). If my product turned out to be a toy with lead paint, many retailers would ban everything with that manufacturer code -- meaning all of your products would get pulled and returned (even though you did nothing wrong). That's already happened to some of the resellers you saw in your search results -- so if selling through retail stores is important, it's probably best to go directly through GS1US.

            Hope this helps. Best wishes.