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    Digging Deeper... Microbrandology.

    iMicrobrand Adventurer
      Hello All

      Over the last few weeks I have been slowly introducing what I feel is the next step in the Branding arena as it pertains to the emerging field of Microbranding. I have gotten a LOT of feedback from this community and it's quite inspiring to know that this has been on the minds of so many people, and it's equally rewarding to be way out here on this ledge. The weather is nice. So what I am doing in this post is taking it a bit deeper so that I can help as many of you as I can in capturing the important stuff behind Microbranding, so that you can move forward into what I feel is the future of Personal Branding. You can follow the work at my official blog -

      Concept 1: Microbrandology takes 3 forms of branding, Personal Branding, Traditional Market Branding, and Microbranding and ties it to Web 2.0 to help individuals create a relevant and meaningful Global Microbrand.

      Concept 2: Microbrandology gives an individual the tools and resources they need to discover, define, and deploy a Global Microbrand that is hinged on the individuals strengths, passions, area of expertise, and value proposition. Once the Microbrand Champion has a clearly defined value proposition, this proposition is then deployed using Web 2.0 strategies insuring global dissemination.

      The Question:

      The key word that pops into view in both concepts here is Web 2.0 so with that said...

      1. How are YOU using Web 2.0 to perpetuate your value proposition?
      3. Have you discovered any Web 2.0 strategies that are working better for you than others?

      Looking forward to the dialogue!

      Vincent A. Hunt