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    Stop your foreclosure and save your home. Know your options.

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      We are a group of Certified Mortgage Litigation Consultants with years of experience working with your lender to STOP your foreclosure fast. Few people outside the banking world can come close to the knowledge we have in working out home retention programs, loan modifications, loan restructuring plans, and forbearance agreements.

      • It does not matter how far behind you are, the size of your mortgage, your income, your credit history, or if you have been unable to get help before. We have solutions, and we get results! We will talk with your lender, handle the paperwork, get an immediate stop to your foreclosure, and negotiate the best plan for you.*

      • This is free, no hassle, consultation to educate you on all your options to stop your foreclosure as fast as possible.*

      • * This service is for people in trouble. ie., 2 or more months behind or in foreclosure.*
      • * There is NO credit report required.*
      • * There is NO upfront fees.*
      • * We deal directly with your Lender. No one else.*

      Visit our web page to learn more and to set up a fee consultation. We obtain solutions for people in trouble, and can stop foreclosures in as little as 4-5 days.
      We have the ability to assist people in all 50 states. Some restrictions may apply from State to State. click on Foreclosure unit, and read...