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    Small Business looking for refinance or line of credit

    flowshop Newbie
      I have been in business for 30 + years over this time I have made good and bad decissions and now I am in a tight squeeze financially. I had recived a loan that took quite some time to close so I was left with no choice but to take the rate they gave at the last minute & was slamed with a high interest rate and I am in need of great relief. If anyone can suggest some help it would be greatly appreciated.

      I can be reached at or 631-289-6358.

      Hoping to here from you flowshop.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Small Business, Welcome to this web site.
          You have been in business for 30 + years.
          You must have an Accountant and a Lawyer. Why not start with them??
          Do you own property or other assets??
          Do you have receivables that you can factor??
          If you review other posts, you will see that there are many companies
          looking to help you out financially.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            Milly14 Wayfarer

            I have posted some ads describing how Numa Financial group could help small business get capital to improve their business. I would recommend for you to visit our website,, or email, describing your needs one more time and then we would go from there. I will be waiting to hear from you.

            Thank You,

            Mildred Caba
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              clnshirtz Wayfarer
              have you considered applying for an SBA loan. they have a max interest rate of P+4.5 to P+6.5, which might be better that what you have.

              Also, have you approached any suppliers about whether they provide financing?

              also, as a short term solution - consider your home equity. you might get the best rate and then shoiuld be highly motivated to make sure you get it paid down as you don't want to risk your home.
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                MaxAdvance Wayfarer


                My name is Solly and I am a financial consultant at a company called MaxAdvance in New York City. We are currently helping several small businesses with our cash advance program. What we do is offer unsecured loans to be used for whatever you desire without collecting collateral. We won't take compounding interest; just one set factored rate which means you can take as long as you need to pay it back without any penalties. CREDIT IS NOT AN ISSUE WITH US. All you need is a credit card terminal at your business as a source of incoming payment, which we would use to collect the payback by taking a small percentage of future transactions. Funds can be transferred in as little as a week. Please feel free to contact me at any time at 1-866-629-4464 Ext:238.

                Take care and good luck,

                Solly Mizrahi