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    $150,000 investor needed, will return $300,000 in 1 year.

    BFirst1963 Newbie

      This is by far the best choice for a positive safe.riskless investment.
      i can show where i have brought into my business account well over $250,000 per yr for the last 3 years, now this is only claimed income into my business account.
      the ONLY reason i seek an investor fastly, is that i went to a consumer trade show in Miami .Fla, with a product that i already carry and i own, and i showed the owner of Major RV Company a product that i am wanting to bring out to market ASAP, and he gave me a verbal agreement to order 1st order 60,000 units minimum, i also have other dealers which will place me 1st order total around 300,000 units.
      key is- i have to produce the product first, then i get paid 60 days later.
      this is where i need an investor, i have the capital to make my business manage as it is, and maintain my lifestyle as a family man/business owner

      but i do not have the additional capital to manufacture the product, and produce 300,000 units right away, then wait 60 days.

      this is why i posted for an investor for $150,000 payback @ $300.000 in 1 year, because its a guarentee that i will get my money, and between 6 months -1 yr you will get yours, thats why i am confident enough to place 51% ownership rights of my business as collateral. and all ownership rights of 2 of my products as collateral. because i am 100% sure it will be a positive venture.
      if your looking for a riskfree positive venture investment, this is a rare situation where im in need of the funds to make the funds.

      Yes- i could go to the bank, and go that route, but i choose for the private investor, to keep things down-low type, private.without making the big banks and financial business's bigger than they already are,especially on such a short term loan.
      and as to wheres . i can pay back cash too, to keep things straight between us.
      you have my number, if you wish to further discuss it.
      all in all, i have 9 products which i am to bring out between now and the next year, and im sure to use you again
      once this matures and you make your money- i'll let you have the investment oportunity again if you wish to continue making investment funds.
      after all, great investment opportunities are getting harder to find.

      just to let you know a little about myself, i am an 43yr old american businessman/ familyman, im honest and dependable, i live in a $650,000 home and drive a 2008 F350 CrewCab 4X4 (valued @ $52,000 ) to pull my 28ft trailer to these consumer shows and sell/show my products (lid light & pedwraps)

      my ad reads like this..........

      I am looking for an investor of $150,000, investment return of $300,000 in 1 year
      I own a manufacturing company that manufactures marine and automotive products, I have a product that i need to manufacture immediatly, i already have a commitment for over 60,000 units 1st order,which would value over $550,000
      but i have to manufacture the product first,
      this $150,000 investment would be for the period of 1 yr, and would return $300,000 in 1 year or less, thats a profit gain of $150,000 in 1 yr.
      i would collateral it with 51% of my company, and full ownership rights(for collateral purposes only) of 3 products, 2 which are already in the market and doing well. 1 product has a market value of over $1,5000,000
      the other one has a market value of over $500,000, and the third product should have a value of over $1,000,000
      the agreement would be that $150,000 would be invested for the period of 1 yr, with a return of $300,000 within the 1 yr, with stated above collateral, once total investment is paid in full,full ownership rights of collateral are returned back to my company
      this agreement would have to be a attorney drawn contract,but must remain silent as possible, as not to alarm any of my current dealers of any investor needed situation, the only reason we are needing the investment funds, is to get this product out immediatly,and capitolize on a commitment of pre-order that we already have . you can call me directly to discuss this in a more private situation (404) 358 5006 thank you