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    Employers EARN Money by Posting your Telecommute Job/Project

    LRSVV3 Wayfarer
      *How would you like to
      actually EARN money for posting your telecommute or work at home job instead of
      paying money to post it?*

      We are starting a revolutionary idea for the employers in
      the telecommute world. Our website is
      now accepting telecommute or work at home jobs/projects from employers/people
      who are interested in listing their job EXCLUSIVELY on our job board, for PAY!


      *Why would we pay an
      employer for their job posting?*

      Telecommute and work at home positions are in very high
      demand. By having a daily compilation of
      work at home positions that can only be applied to through our website, it will
      greatly increase our customer base and quality of job leads.


      How much do we pay?

      Right now, we are paying $5 per job listing, we pay through
      PayPal or by check, once your job is approved.
      Once you are approved, we will send you a link with your job listing, as
      well as a request for information for us to send you payment. You will receive your payment within 24
      business hours if by PayPal, or within 2 weeks if by check.


      *What's in it for you,
      the employer?*

      Well, for starters, you are earning money on your job
      listing instead of paying for it! Additional
      benefits of listing your position with us include:


      **Our service is 100%
      FREE to you. You are making money,

      **No Registration
      Required* to post your job with us.
      Just fill out our job form and submit. Your job is posted in one business day or less.

      **Over 30,000
      Registered Telecommuters* will view your
      jobs on a regular basis.

      **Say Goodbye to
      Hundreds of Non-Qualified Applicants*-

      All the
      applicants to your position are paying users of our site.
      This eliminates
      the hundreds of emails you receive from posting
      on job boards
      that are free to job seekers, Our service provides you with a pool of
      serious home workers that are qualified and equipped to
      provide you with the services you need.

      *Submit as many jobs or projects as you would like. All jobs posted on our site remain active for
      14 days unless you send a request for removal. Please, no repeat postings of the same job before the 14 day period ends.

      **Receive ALL Applicant Responses*- You will
      not be required to pay any
      fees whatsoever to receive all the applicants responses to
      your positions.


      *Your job must meet the following requirements to be


      • Must have either an hourly,
        salary, per project/item, or base + commission compensation. NO COMMISSION
        ONLY positions are accepted at this time.
      • No ‘start your own business'
        or ‘partnership' positions.
      • Absolutely no ‘money
        transfer' or ‘payment accepting' positions.
      • Job must be at least 40%
      • Please be sure to specify if
        the applicant will need onsite training, or if you are looking for
        applicants only from a certain geographic area.
      • No 'Adult Related' job
        listings are accepted
      • Job MUST BE POSTED
        EXCLUSIVELY ON OUR SITE. Cannot be
        posted elsewhere.
      • Job MUST be filled using
        applicants from our site, OR must be left on our site for 14 days before
        reposting it elsewhere for additional applicants.


      Are you interested in earning money today for your job
      listings? Visit the following link to
      submit your job and get paid!