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    Choosing the right hosting company

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      I was having trouble recently with hosting companies, and found a very good one. I just want to share my experiences.

      I had a data base MS Access which wasn't great to handle my actual traffic, with one of my developers converted the MS Access data base into MSSQL, this is how started the troubles. MSSQL server from my old hosting was down frequently, then contacted many times the support which was not very cooperative, the site was down for 2 days. I decided to switch hosting, found one with VPS(Virtual Protocol Server) plan, it gave me the possibility to expand my programming knowledge,(well this is what I though, first hand).

      Then things went very bad for 3 days, support was useless, and hosting people did not want to do the work I requested, and they messed up things on my account. My developer gave me some help finding quickly a new hosting, because during this time my ranking on search engines went down the hill.

      After setup my new account with the new hosting company, 3 hours later my site was up and running with all the work I requested, I was pleasently surprise that my site was running again. Then updated the system cart for security reason, why not we were into the programming,

      This why it is important to find the right hosting company, with the right technical support behind.

      I hope my ranking on search engines will resume soon at the same positions my site was.

      I think a bad experiences can always help others.

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          ee99ee Newbie
          I totally agree. The way we try to set ourselves apart is through quality support. You can't go wrong there...


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              NatOnline Tracker

              At that time I read a lot scary stories on internet about hosting with the wrong company. We all talk about SEO, keywords, articles, etc... but the good foundation, is a solid hosting.

              You can pay a lot and get a very bad support, and when there are thousands customer on a big hosting, who care about your business....!

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              intechspecial Ranger
              I use as they set the standards for Shared Web Hosting.

              To have a website before services like you would have to purchase a full web server, or rent a web server out. The cost of a server itself is in the thousands.

              I believe it was that came up with a way to share hosting for multiple websites within one server.


              I have not had any issues with, and they seem to support the most technologies in comparison to other hosting companies.

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                  NatOnline Tracker
                  No this is not at all, and I will not put the company's names on the internet. The purpose is just to highlight a big problem that any e-commerce owner can have sooner or later in your webmaster experience.

                  You can run a site without problem on whatever hosting company, but when you've got a few data bases, not only does the main server need to work properly, but also the data base server, depending on your hosting company's configuration.

                  There are many hosting companies that provide dedicated servers or unmanaged VPS servers. In this case, that's ok and you can choose to run as is. Some other hostings do market their services with managed technical support, but they've got a poor support and that's my case.

                  The bottom line is if you site is down for a few days, your are losing customers, visitors, precious positions on search engines, links because of lack of technical support and that could put your business down if you don't take the appropriate and quick decisions.
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                  jagnandon Newbie

                  I am currently seeking to have a web site design.
                  However been a new small business with limited resources, I would like to find someone that is able to assist me within my budget and also provide quality services.

                  Thank You.
                  kimberley Russell.
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                    Johnsquest68 Adventurer
                    It is unfortunate that you had such a bad experience. We all know that there are some really bad companies out there. That is one reason I started my Hosting company, after frustration and limitations. My customer support is live and 24/7. The services are award winning and always up and running. Strategic partnering with the #1 hosting company in the U.S. We are unmatched in service and support.

                    Check us out at

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                      visualframes Newbie
                      I used to only look for cheap hosting companies but when you deal with ecommerce you wanna make sure that not only the hosting service is highly optimized for ecommerce applications but also that it offers the flexibility to be compliant with credit card processors... contact to see what they have to offer...
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                        jesmith Wayfarer
                        If You are watching for any good hodting sote you have keep some word in mind means some important topics and thing, i.e. Price, time limit, space, email limit, etc these type of small but useful things.
                        i preffer one site to you for a free hosting because this is used by me and this great. so you have to try this at least one time for get free hostingservice.

                        Thanks for your time
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                          stevepat Adventurer
                          Thanks for sharing with us your experience. I found one of good company which work dedicated for Small business and mid size companies.
                          They offer $49 with hosting and basic SEO for month. You can look at website which gives best deals for small business owners .

                          Web URL is and link for cool web packages which involves web hosting and basic SEO is

                          I foudn pretty good packages as well at very low price.
                          :) they have really good client list .Have look at it .