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    SBOC Moderator/Team - Feature Suggestion

    Lighthouse24 Ranger

      Posts are sometimes held for a day or two pending "review" by the moderators. When that occurs, a message stating that fact appears as soon as the post is submitted -- which leads me to believe some sort of algorithm has identified a potentially questionable word or phrase in the content. Is that accurate?

      If so, the problem could be a typo or something for which a suitable substitute could easily be chosen. Would be possible to navigate the suspect content and writer to an edit screen with an indication of what caused the post to be flagged? You could then give the writer the option of rewording and resubmitting it (thereby avoiding delays, disruptions to discussion flow, and moderator work).

      That's a feature/enhancement I'd like to see considered in the future. Thank you!

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          SBC Team Guide
          Lighthouse24 - Thank you for taking the time to write us about another helpful suggestion. In our effort to keep the Community full of good content, we do have special scripts that help to monitor the quality of content in the community.We are constantly looking for ways to improve the Community and make it easier to use for our members. Your suggestion is helpful to us in letting us know features that can improve the user experience. We will keep the Community informed of our updated feature rollout. Thanks again for taking the time to provide feedback and being a helpful and very active member of the Community.