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    How to Use AVS to Avoid Expen$ive E-commerce Mistakes

    nMoncrief Adventurer
      As e-commerce business owners, we tend to keep our eye on the prize - the sales. I know from experience how easily we can become distracted, particularly during busy times, and open ourselves up to risks that come in the form of bogus customers. All e-commerce businesses are vulnerable to attack, but if you take certain steps to guard your business now, it's less likely that you'll be duped later.

      A few weeks ago, I posted a detailed article here in the Bank of America small business forum. It was widely read at the time, but it is becoming hard to find because of all the recent additions. To make sure new visitors are aware of it, I'm posting the address here:


      This is a story all Internet business owners should hear and a lesson you should learn the easy way (because the hard way is expensive!)