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    Home Based Business Help.

    wantsnwishes Newbie
      My wife & i are living on disability. We have started a home based business that has been doing about $2,200.00 a yr. We would like to make that $22,000 & up. We have a very limited income. So our buying supply is very low to sell. Does any one know who lends money to people on disability with bad credit? If we had $15,000 to pay off some badd loans we have acumilated at very high intrests rates and were able to buy some product with the rest we would be well on our way to our goal. We need some help!
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          WhiteLopez Newbie
          Hi My name is Luis White and I own a small business in Fullerton California, I don't know any one today that would lend you money like that if you do not have a colateral and even so it might be very hard.


          The reason I'm writing is because you mentioned that your business does about $2,200.00 a year is this true? if so visit my sight at we have a business opportunity offer that have the potential for you to make more than that with very litle investment and I realy mean that, you have two options one for $14.99+$4.95 s/h and the other for $39.99+$9.95 s/h.

          If you have any questions feel free to give me a call I will personaly help you. If you go to the website you can read the whole PR promo that I have there if you need to read more but if you just READ THE PROMOTION ON THE HOME PAE RIGHT HAND SIDE, THAT'S REALY HOW SIMPLE IT IS.

          God luck and God Bless you too!
          My phone number is 714-9270415 and I'm in Fullerton CA.
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            elevatingyour Wayfarer
            1) I would contact the state, w/o mentioning your exact situation and see if they have a program that helps you get off disablity. In some states they do.

            2) You are a bad credit riskthat will get worse. Go to the website and go look for financial companies that deal with bad credit. Becuase you have to straighten out your credit, first.

            3) Also in many states there are places like WAshington Cash. They'll help you grow your business and give you very small loans. I don't know what they're called, but if you go to their website you can learn and find one locally.