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    Accepting CC's in-store vs. online; differences explained

    nMoncrief Adventurer
      In the month or so that I've been participating in this forum, I've noticed
      a lot of questions dealing with credit card processing. That's
      understandable; it can be complicated. But since questions are usually specific in nature, anyone who's
      new here and needs information fast might have trouble finding their
      answer among the hundreds of questions and responses.

      This format isn't intended for posting lengthy information about a broad subject. Instead, I recently posted a detailed article at HubPages comparing credit card processing in a retail environment versus online. It explains the similarities and differences, plus what equipment and/or software is needed for both approaches. I hope you'll refer to it for general knowledge, and then return to post your questions. Hopefully, you'll be better informed in the end! If it works for you, tell me.

      Neil Moncrief
      Creek Financial Services