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    I got rid of "dead weight" & and it feels great!

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      I'm a very patient and persistent person...but even I have my limits. Ha! My Web site is a little over 3 years old and I have a Mailing List feature. I encourage people to join because I know I have a quality product and I am doing some wonderful things. I like to send out an e-mail about once or somtimes twice a month to my subscribers and friends if something newsworthy is going on.

      I can see who reads and deletes my emails. So, after a few years, after seeing certain people delete, delete, delete...I have had enough of that and I got rid of "dead weight" by deleting those people who never place an order, never have anything ever at all to say and congratulate me, never take advantage of special offers, free t-shirts, etc.and are basically just there in cyberspace sucking up my enthusiasm and energy. It hurt my feelings. I thought it was rude on their part to never say anything. It actually started to weird me out.

      Now, I know some people will say...."That's not good"!... "Everyone is a customer!" and I agree to a point...but I don't care after one, two or three years. If they ever want to place an order, they still can redeem themself. They know the site. But, I would rather make my Mailing List a tight group of quality people that really care and believe in me and just aren't out there to keep an eye on things and be in the loop for free.

      It feels so great to let go of dead weight!!!! I feel like I have given myself so much more respect and turned things more into a private club. It's like tossing out faded shirts that are old and jeans or sweaters that have seen better days. I'd rather make room for positive energy. I'd rather send out my emails to people that will respond to them from time to time and appreciate them.

      I had a revalation this a way it's a feeling like I am telling the dead weight....YOU'RE FIRED!!!

      Have a great day!!!!