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    Yummy Sticky Buns

    chinahdoll Wayfarer
      I am a stay at home mom of four and I am really excited about the idea of being my own boss. I make the most delicious gooey sticky buns for my family and friends and they love them. I would love to know how I could turn my passion for desserts into a profitable business. I have no knowledge of how a business is started and I do want to just start small at first and see where it goes from there. If anyone out there could help me out by giving me some info on where to start with my idea, I would greatly appreciate it.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Yummy Sticky Buns, Welcome to this web site.
          Where are you located like City and State??
          You start with a Business and Marketing Plan.
          Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE
          SCORE and I can help. LUCKIEST
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            Iwrite Pioneer
            I love sticky buns!! I volunteer to be a tester.

            On a serious note, some are going to recommend contacting SCORE which is a free service that helps individuals with getting a business started. They are a great resource. A business plan is a must. It will help you map out all aspects of your business.

            Just doing this is going to make a huge difference. Once you are ready to roll, I would find local coffee shops and grocery stores that might be interested in purchasing your sticky buns. I would also contact the chefs at some of the hotels and see if they might be interested. There is going to be a lot of pounding the pavement that could reap huge rewards.

            Please develop an marketing plan and budget. Word of mouth is great but it sometimes will not get you as far as you would like.

            I hope this helps.
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                chinahdoll Wayfarer
                Thanks so much, I am so new to this whole business thing. I dont even know if its possibel to just wake up and decide to have your own business...but thats what I did...all of the input that I am receiving from people here is awesome and I appreciate you taking your time to respond.
                I contacted SCORE and set up an appointment with a mentor. I looked into what it takes to make a business plan and that seems like a serious task. How long do you think it will take for me to complete? Seems like forever with all of the different areas that need to be covered.
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                    Iwrite Pioneer
                    It looks like a lot but it will really help you in the end. And there are plenty of great people hear that are willing to give you sound advice. So, take advantage of both us and SCORE to help you get your business off the ground.

                    I think the time to construct the business plan depends on how much time and energy you can devote to it. The mentor can help with figuring this out. I have a friend who is super organized and focused who wrote her business plan in under two weeks. But I have heard of people taking a lot longer.

                    Good luck.
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                  Lighthouse24 Ranger

                  As part of your planning, be sure to check into the regulations governing the preparation and sale of food items. For example, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration dictates packaging and labeling requirements. Some states, counties, and cities do not allow food that is sold to the public to be prepared in a residential home (it must be made in an inspected commercial kitchen). Most communities require business owners who make or sell food to have preparation licenses and/or health permits, and some mandate training to obtain those permits.

                  None of this is intended to be discouraging. It's just meant to alert you to the fact that there may be quite a lot to do on the business side to get started. Nevertheless, a successful business (like yummy sticky buns) starts with a good recipe and careful preparation. As already suggested, check into SCORE for free planning assistance.

                  Welcome to the community. Best wishes.
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                    intechspecial Ranger

                    China - SCORE is a good resource, as is the SBA you can check out the Small Business Administration at

                    Welcome to the community, and if you need an official "taste tester" of your gourmet selections, I am your guy!