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    Home care business

    Kikimbee Newbie
      Does somebody knows how to run home helath business?Please give me some advice?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Home care business. Welcome to this web site.
          I can help you, BUT it would help if you told us more about yourself and this business.
          What is your background?? How did you get involved with the Home Health Bus??
          Where are you located?? (City and State??) and what is your Title??
          Do you have a Business and / or Marketing Plan??
          We can give you some advice if you give us GOOD INFO
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            Bridge Navigator
            That is a pretty board question. Can you be a little more specific.

            Is their a certain area you need help with? Are you talking private duty or Mediacre certified? Are you in a C.O.N. state? Are you providing therapies, skilled nurses, or just HHAs?

            Are you going to own one or are you managing one for someone else?

            You might try working at one first.