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    Need some info

    Kikimbee Newbie
      I`m trying to run home caregiver bussines it means taking care senior citizens.In generally does somebody knows how to get customers?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Home care business. Welcome to this web site. Why TWO posts??
          I can help you, BUT it would help if you told us more about yourself and this business.
          What is your background?? How did you get involved with the Home Health Bus??
          Where are you located?? (City and State??) and what is your Title??
          Do you have a Business and / or Marketing Plan??
          We can give you some advice if you give us GOOD INFO
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            Bridge Navigator
            Several methods:

            1) Market to physicians
            2) Dierct mail based on age of homeowner (yes you can buy these lists)

            The real question is will you be providing companion/light housekeeping services or any type of clinical services?

            If you get near clinical services, it is highly regulated.
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              smallbizchamp Newbie
              You may want to try and pass on information to local bank managers in your area. Banks tend to have a lot of people who are tending to the finacial needs of the elderly. Also, there is a newspaper completley dedicated to senior citizens in my area, maybe you have one as well. Good luck