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    pharmacutical reps

    coffee times Newbie
      hi guys im back for more info. okay i keep reading everywhere that pharm reps are the way to go for catering lunches etc. ive been searching around for these guys and cant find them iv tried looking on line its like a mystery where are they and how do i get their business ? they are one of the biggest catering ordes in any town yet to get my cafe noticed and picked up by them has been rough any ideas on how to get them to notice and try my great menu?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          coffee times, You lost me, WHY *pharm reps**??*
          Are they the ONLY people in town?? (or I missing something)

          You do coffee and bkfst, lunch spot bakery, for every body in town (RIGHT).
          All businesses need catering. Parties need catering.
          Birthdays, Mothers Day, Graduation from School etc.
          So please explain " pharm reps"??

          Thanks, LUCKIEST
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger
            Every health or human services charity (or charity event) I've ever been involved with has had at least one pharmaceutical sales rep as an active volunteer or event participant. (I've wondered if their companies give them time off to volunteer as a community relations and/or marketing strategy.) Anyway, if there are pharmaceutical reps living and working in your city, getting involved with a charity there like United Way, Red Cross, a local shelter, or any number of other organizations -- as a volunteer yourself, or as the caterer at one of their meetings or events -- would likely provide some direct contacts. I hope this helps. Best wishes.
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              coffee times Newbie
              lighthouse in response to your question and my question i posted pharm eps are the largest from what i understand group of catering orders most little cafes like mine get their lunch business from i am off the so called beaten path so they are a way of getting to these other groups to get your product out their
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                gilberth73 Newbie
                Maket to the medical office admins that deal with the pharmacutical rep. They are the ones that tell the reps what they want brought in for lunch. The rep calls into the medical office and ask what they want for lunch. Get the medical admin on your side and he or she will get you in the door with the reps.