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    Invest with Confidence, Meet your financial Needs!!

    Milly14 Wayfarer

      In need of fast capital to keep your business running? Dont hesitate and contact Numa Financial Today!!

      If you are a:
      -Small or Medium sized business
      -Seeking immediate capital
      -Sensitive to the cost of capital and even more sensitive to the time it takes to receive it
      You have half way to meeting all the requirements we need to help you!



      Numa Financial Group gets deals done that other people can't. The risks that others run from are our specialty. Don't wait around for answers that you won't get in time.

      Contact us now!! Funds wired in as little as 48 hours!!


      If you have your records in order, we can get you financed immediately. Many programs, many options.


      We'll get you set up with your credit card merchant a/c and POS system, finance you with working capital, equipment, etc. Even help you set up an ecommerce-enabled




      Fast service, best rates, free initial consultation!!

       Mildred Caba