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    How do you get businesses to try a new way to advertise?

    golferalh Newbie
      I am a brand new advertising company with what I think is an excellent way to target a "niche" market. What is the best way to get companies interested in trying what I have to offer? I know with the economy the way it is, companies may be pulling back on their advertising budgets, but if there was something out there that they could be very successfull with, don't you think there would at least be a little interest? Please give me your thoughts.

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          Iwrite Pioneer
          They have to see that it will work. You need the numbers to back the claim.

          The best hurdle you face is establishing trust. You need to attack their objections while highlighting the benefits of your idea. This is something we all struggle with.

          Good luck.
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            Be direct and be brief (pitch fast) -- just tell them what it is and how much it costs. If it would truly be an effective niche marketing technique for that particular client, it will most likely sell itself. If a prospect declines, ask how come (find out if the client perceives it as too costly, too "experimental," not really that effective, or whatever), and then deal with the objection accordingly -- or adjust your offer. Hope this helps. Best wishes.
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              Faerie Wayfarer
              As a small business owner I get lots of 'pitches' from companies offering their advertising services. One of the biggest frustrations is when I tell them what I need and they just blunder through the sales pitch ignoring what I've told them.

              For example - I do not have large amounts of capital to invest. What I do have is a steady stream of cash flow. This means that 'pay as you go' type of programs work well for me. I am upfront about this. So why do some continue with the sales pitch of, "With our company you make one upfront investment and you don't have to worry about paying as you go."? I've just told you I don't have an upfront investment so why tout that as a point in your favor?

              Listen to me and my concerns. Show that you understand my business needs and I'm more likely to listen to you and give you serious consideration.
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                  Iwrite Pioneer
                  How do I say this without sounding elitist? I don't know, so I am going to say it. Not all the companies or agencies doing advertising are created equal. There are a lot of folks who think they understand how to run an adverting agency but they don't.

                  We were just talking today about how people who perform advertising should be certified. Working at or for a company or agency that does advertising does not mean you understnad how to run one. These individuals make it bad for those of us who have put in the time to do things right.

                  I am sorry about what the experience you have had but not all of us in adverting are slimy or untrained. Some of us actually take our craft serious, and try to maintain a standard. But since anyone can open an agency or advertising company, it is real difficult to tell the difference.

                  Ask to see their books, if they don't know what that is - the conversation should end.

                  There are three main billing options for advertising: hourly, project basis or retainer. Some people may do the one upfront price but most serious advertising professionals do not.

                  Ask what agencies they worked at? This is a real sign, my level has or still does work at very good agencies, not companies. We tend to bring a standard that is understood. It is like a coach who played high school ball verses a coach who played pro ball. I know, sometimes the best coaches never played but that is a rarity.

                  Let me stop. This is not the post for my comments.


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                  jenmedia Newbie
                  I have the same problem at this time. I'm learning new ways to tackle it and somethings have worked and others haven't. I would love to learn about your product and in return share mine with you. Maybe if we all learn to help eachother out in this market we can learn and grow together. Please fill free to send me an email I would like to chat more with you.Thank you, Jenny
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                    Gnd.Designs Newbie

                    In my experience in this field, I have found that there are two things that make advertisers listen when you tell them what you are offering.

                    First, you should give them "The most bang for their buck". The type of advertising you are offering should give them more than one angle of exposure. This gets their attention. For example, if a newspaper also has a website that gets 500 hits a day and they will place an ad on the website as well as in the paper for the money, this will make the potential advertisers listen up.


                    Secondly, as has already been mentioned here, LISTEN to what you are being told. Don't just throw out an automatic rebuttal to the words the customer is saying. Have a converstaion with them. Did they say they don't have a large sum to invest at this time? Offer then a smaller adspace. Are they concerned that your media isn't a right fit for them? Show them how it could be.

                    One more thought... I used to use a reference page called "10 reasons to advertise". I would combine the facts listed with each other to hook the client. For example, there were two seperate points made on that sheet...
                    1- It takes a person approximately 100 times of seeing an ad to feel a need for that product or service.
                    2- The average person sees over 3000 ads in a single day.
                    (My stats are probably off, it's been a long time)


                    I took these two points and combined it into one statement/question. "The average person sees about 3000 ads a day. Did you know that it takes the average person over 100 times of seein an ad to feel a need to utilize that product or service? How many times are the ppl of (insert town name here) seeing your ad today?". Follow that with information about your distribution and readership.

                    Advertising is more than writing an ad. It is building company branding. Encourage the customer to use the same ad everywhere he/she advertises so that customers will recognize that ad.

                    Good Luck!


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                      Remmey Newbie

                      Back in my agency days. The type of advertising you are offereing is considered secondary. Most business owners look at advertising as an expense. Which means they want to reduce that expense while getting the same amount of impact or return for their advertising expense. what you need to do is take time to learn and understand your clients business. Help them understand that marketing is an investment into their business. Develop a plan that can maintain their current return and allow them to utilize your secondary advertising product without an increase or a slight increase to their budget while showing stability in their current market.
                      Hope this helps.
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                        intechspecial Ranger

                        Find parrallel markets to your industry.

                        Ex: If you were someone that did print advertising for manufactures, try and network with retail outlets of the same industry.


                        If you worked in market analysis for small business, it might be a good idea to align your self with loan officers of banks so that you could offer some assistance when the bank needs some more in depth research of the market plan of the business. In turn you could offer the business your services.



                        It is always a good idea to find businesses that you can align your company with that match your target market, but from a different standpoint.
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                          americasteven Newbie

                          For the last 15 years I have been a seasoned Yellow Page rep and a former business owner. I tried alot of creative ways to get customers in the door or to create branding. Yes, advertising does work when its creative, to capture the customers attention if you will. But, I found in my travels that when you network with another customer or business owner they really dont have time to hear a creative pitch or may not have the time to run through all the ads in hope they land on yours. I am not being mean we are all just busy.

                          So try this. As the owner or rep goes around to different networking groups or as they communicate with new customers just have them hand out a gift card that is already pre-loaded with a preset dollar amount. Now saying that make a couple of cards with a higher dollar amount so it creates a little bit of buzz so when they do come in two things happen, one, you now know that you have a new customer because of the card and two, the customer now has a chance to see you in your element or place of business, they will be impressed because of your professionalism ( this is what you do best remember) and begin to refer others to you and at that point the cost of advetising is FREE!

                          Just an idea...

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                            eversuhoshin Wayfarer

                            Hello Golferalh,

                            I faced the problem too. Small businesses are quite busy and they have been spammed by many inappropriate sales pitches so they are always wary. This is what my friend told me. You should give the product to the business basically make an advertisement for the business and keep sending it via mail. The important thing to remember is that what you send should look nice and professional so it doesn't get thrown away. After sending few times, just give them a call and casually mention that you have sent stuff to them and if they have noticed~~ If they don't show interest then you should put that company in the "target in a later date" category and move on. hope it helps :)