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    I'm amazed...does money grow on trees?

    designer Tracker
      I'm truly, truly amazed at all the posting here on this forum...with how many people are looking for "money" LOL. One posting reads: "I need $90,000.00"....another says: "I am looking for $50,000.00", another reads: "Who wants to invest $100,000.00"....WOW! Do people think money grows on trees? Maybe I'll die working 2 jobs, trying to make a name for myself...but I won't even ask my own father for a penny.
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          moogrdotcom Adventurer
          The correct answer is NO money does NOT grow on trees.

          But the sincere answer is it never hurts to ask the question to begin with. Perhaps peoples responses will get the "Wheels churnin" so the people making the request think of better ways to seek funding & financing.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Does money grow on trees?? If you plant a money tree YES

            However, note that different trees grow at different paces; some grow faster
            than others.
            Another thing to take into consideration is that you
            cannot grow two trees right next to each other;
            you have to leave room
            for them grow.
            You cannot plant crops next
            to a tree or the crop will not grow.

            Seriously, these are ONLY posting. We do not run a credit check or look at prior year
            tax returns like banks. And hopefully we do NOT send checks or make loans.

            Lighten up, LUCKIEST (it is only money)