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    Individual Fund Raising

    antdzdmd Newbie
      I am currently trying to target small local businesses for my fund raising project (2008 Climb to Fight Breast Cancer, Mt. Elbrus) Elbrus is one of the 7 summits and is located in Russia. I have been unsuccessful in getting any committments to my endeavor. I was wondering if there is some different avenues or strategies that I can use to get more of a response. I know there are companies that are willing to donate to tax deductible charities, yet getting in contact with them has proven to be somewhat difficult. Corporations seem to be out of the question since they have giving guidelines that do not allow individual sponsorships. I would appreciate any input on this matter (my deadline is approaching quickly ahhh) :)
      Thank you so much,
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Individual Fund Raising. Welcome to this web site.
          Where are you located?? Russia??
          Tell us more. To raise money here, we sponser walks and people pledge
          money based on how far or how high they go.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              antdzdmd Newbie
              Awesome, I am actually a student attending Cal State University Fullerton. I was invited to climb Mt. Elbrus for the Climb to Fight Breast Cancer hosted by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, WA. We are climbing this mountain in order to raise money for cancer research. Mt. Elbrus is 18,510ft tall double coned volcano located Russia just north of the turkish and Georgian border next to the Balkan Valley. When we reach the summit we will be taking summit photos of our team and sponsors, followed by a decent and return flight back to the US. My personal goal is to raise 10,000$ and our team is looking to raise 50,000-60,000$ for this cause.
              My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998 and underwent radical breast cancer and chemotherapy for 9 months. She is a survivor and continues to work and maintain a healthy productive lifestyle. This cause really means a lot to me and I really want to make a difference by helping us get closer to finding the cure for breast cancer. However, since I am a full-time student it has been difficult for me to get in touch with businesses (since I am in class all day).
              Thanks for your support!!!
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              bizconsultant Scout
              Its no accident that I came across this posting as I was just contacting non-profits regarding fundrasing today. Give me a call at 972-704-4715 or email me at because I think ....correction..I know the program we have would be perfect for you to raise the money you need without having to go through the corporate run around to get donations.

              Anthony Jones - Business Development
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                amygreen Newbie
                I found a great site called: It is for individual fundraising and is free to join. You get to set up a page similar to myspace/facebook and it is really easy to add colors, images, videos and other fun stuff.

                The key to raising money is to use their built in feature to invite your family and friends to view your site. If they do their online shopping through the affiliates provided on your page (and Amazon is included), you earn a commission on all the sales.

                My family does a lot of online shopping - especially at Christmas time, and I get to earn commission on all their purchases - for free! It doesn't cost them or me any extra money. There are lots of affiliates to choose from on the site.