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    Serious Seekers Only Apply To This Message To Join

    ErrolKane Newbie
      To All Here that Can View This Post,
      Please take very seriously because I am succeeding at this very very lucrative business.

      My name is Robert Freeman, Jr, and I reside in Katy, Texas. I am originally from Chester, Pa just outside of Philly.
      I once fought as a Welterweight and Middleweight out of Philly as Elliot Freeman. My Trainer was Jimmy Authur who once handle Tyrone Everette before he was shot and killed in 1977.
      My last fight was on Joe Fraizer's card in Virginia Beach in 1979. Since those days, I have given my service for my country as a soldier for over 15 years in the army with my last mission in Somalia where I lost 1 solider, Pvt Robertson whom I will never forget.

      My wife's last mission was in "Enduring Freedom" during Sadaam Hussein. My last duty station was Ft. Hood Texas and that is why I am still in Texas today.

      After the army in 1993, I went to work for the State of Texas as a Corrections Officer for over 10 years to support my family. However, the day came when I was just burned out from federal and state government work, that I went searching for just a plain job just so that I could feel normal again. I have been struggling since. What I wanted to do next was just to be in business for myself and I have succeeded in doing that.

      A business that I truly love and very exciting and am succeeding at. I have thought about writing here sometime now but hadn't until now because I thought you would not respond but as you can see, here I am.
      You still may not respond but, I'm giving it all I have, through posting.

      I'm writing to you or anyone here in hope of you becoming my Associate and at the same time when you join my organization you will be able to create a very powerful monetary avenue for yourself and your family once you bring this information before them on my web-site.
      I realize that you may not believe a word that I am saying about this business, so please investigate this company and you will find that there exist an opportunity for one to actually become financially stable in no time at all simply by who you know and not what you know.

      You are in the right place (Texas) at the right time. Please do not over look this because only the visionary can see this and that's why I am writing to you.

      Yes Sir, I am asking for you to be an Associate of mine by joining Ignite and bring in as many people that you can with you because your money is in your family and friends.
      You Must See The 'Presentation' on the web-site. it's a must see!
      After you see what I have to offer, or the business has to offer, I am sure with your business savvy, that you will be able to see that this business is a win win venture. I know that this posting is not of the ordinary that you may receive on a daily basis but, it's sincere, because I am trying so hard to reach so many people about how easy it is to make the money I am making because of what 'Deregulation' has done in the state of Texas. It's making, doctors, accountants, lawyers, ordinary people, financially stable with-in a year.

      You have to admit that this business of Deregulationtion simply works! All you need to do is to go to the web-site and watch 3 videos, 25 minutes in length all together, and see for yourself just how lucrative this business can be in just a relative short period of time because this business is not about what you know but who you know and that is where your money will be.

      You start making money in 24 hours, 24 minutes actually. Check my offer out, do your investigation through the BBB or any other organization to find out about this business and you must come to the conclusion that this will work. I know because I made my first $807.00 in less than 2 hours. It simply works!
      If not, thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope to hear from you very soon.



      Robert Freeman, Jr.

      832-244-5353 cell
      Katy, Texas 77449
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          The electric provider that is referenced here is Stream. I have been with them for 2 years now...the rates are good and I have never had any 'management or billing issues'.

          Recommended by the Diva. The MLM aspect of it is pretty solid as well, I know several people that are doing quite well.
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              ErrolKane Newbie

              Thank you very much about for you comments. I am home at my PC because it is all that I do in the way of earning a living. I found this business in Nov or Dec 2007. My friend was trying to get me to take a look at it and I wouldn't give her the time. I was wrong, forst, she was my friend and therefor, I gave her my time and when I did take a look at what she wanted to show me, I was knocked to my feet.


              This business just made sense.


              Electricity is the perfect vehicle for networking. Networking is Networking, but electricity is the perfect vehicle. Whether in war time, peace time, recessions, you name it, everyone uses it, everyone needs it. People, I'm telling you, it feels good when the checks come in. It is so easy to make money at this.


              Getting paid on thousands of electric bills, seeing that ignite check come in, like mine did again yesterday, well, it has made my financial dreams come true.


              When you join, you will not fail, we won't let you. We are all ready to help you succeed. Join today and start making money today. It really is that simple. Call me, speak to me and if you are far away, don't worry about it, We will help you get going.


              Begin by going to my website and watching all 3 videos and then to the buiness website after that to join. We have the bonuses going on right now and you can be part of that before the end of this month, April.


              Thanks Again for you comment.
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Serious Seekers Only Apply To This Message To Join.
              Welcome to this web site and good luck.
              I will look into your offer and get back to you.

              Recommended by the Diva is a great start.
              The MLM aspect of it is pretty solid as well. Sounds like a win - win.