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    loan for overseas business

    jerry3003 Newbie

      i live in singapore. i am currently a sales person. i have come up with an idea to do an outsourcing job in singapore which in the long run will yeild will be very profitable. currently no one in singapore is doing it. however, i am not rich and do not have the funding to start a business. is there someway someone could help? i am prepared to share this business with any interested party. in all honesty, i must admit i do not own any assets.i am single and 45.
      PS : in my country, it is almost impossible to get any sort of loan which is unsecured.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          *Jerry3003, *loan for overseas business
          **How much of a loan?? For how long?
          **Do you have a Business Plan?
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            kirkley Adventurer
            dear sir
            I find that business are good but why do banks make your wite them to tell you " you have a great business plan but sorry we need security". I seem like a waist of time. This is what to do. Either approach business men or government small business lending agencies. Sometime the government does have funds and grants availible and managed by non government agencies. You must find out where or who are managing these funds. It would seems that only the rich know about these funds sometimes and they use them to get richer. we poor are not educated about such avenues.

            Another approach i have use to get unsecured loans is the build a relationship with the small business manager who is managing your accoun. Start with a minimum loan say $1000 and develop a history repaying small loans with that bank. May be you can start small and work your way up.

            Try credit unions they lend 3 time the amoun unsecured if you have a job letter.

            It this information sounds practical then please send me and email and check out my posting. search for Kirkley of 300% on your investment.

            Be incourage you are not alone. I am in the same boat again.With assets and a busines plan.

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              TJMorehead Adventurer

              Interested in learning more about your business. If its exporting, we have a program available for start-up. You can contact me at for more information.

              Warm regards,