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    Need your opinions and suggestions for my website

    TonyIOD Wayfarer

      I have a website at There are 2 major user types; Requesters


      and Providers.




      Requesters are those seeking to have projects or work tasks accomplished. Requesters may


      register as individuals or companies.




      The hopes and expectations are that many of the skilled workers that have been impacted by


      the economy and corporate downsizing will come on board and make their talents available as


      Providers. Providers may register as individuals or companies.




      Queues are specific to the work task being accomplished. Requesters add an entry (work task)


      to a queue and then manage that work task to completion from the added queue entry. As part


      of adding a queue entry, the requester will do things such as; set a bidding start date and


      time, set a bidding end date and time, set an offer price for the work task, enter or upload


      instructions or descriptions and input file for the provider, upload source material for the


      provider, etc.


      From the Provider perspective; the provider will see the request (queue entry), bid on the


      queue entry (work task) if they desire, monitor the bidding process, alter their bid if they


      desire, etc. If they win the bidding for the queue entry, they will; view the instructions,


      download the source material, complete the assignment.


      From assignment to a provider until the provider completes the assignment, there is an


      internal communications feature which allows the requester and provider to communicate with


      each other. Communication is initiated via the queue entry.


      The Problem


      We are getting a fair amount of traffic to the website, but we are not converting visitors


      into registered users in the numbers that we think we should.


      What We Need


      We need to understand why our conversion rate of visitors to registered users is so low. We


      would greatly appreciate it if you to go to the website and offer your opinion and


      suggestions as to why our conversion rate is low. Please send your opinions and suggestions


      via email to:



      We really appreciate your help and input!


      Thank You!


      Tony Fulford

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          websolutions Tracker
          Hi Tony, great question. After taking a look at your site I would say that your web layout and navigation structure has a lot to do with your poor CR %. The site is not orgnized/optimized to increase CR. Also, what is your google bounce rate? I bet pretty high, like 94%? Here is what you will need to do to increase your CR:

          1. Web site makeover:
          • clean look and feel
          • clear navigation structure (people should know where to click to register, this is not apparent on your home page)
          • use larger font for your call to action links
          • clear images, some of the images you have are distorted and look very unprofessional, use for royalty free images.
          2. Less is more, especially in your registration pages, you want people to get the main idea and register, not spend 30 minutes reading.


          Alright, let me know how it turns out if you try my recommendations.

          Best, Web Solutions Team
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            intechspecial Ranger
            I would have to agree with Websolutions view on your website. What you are offering is good, the problem is when I first went to the website, I was turned off by the layout.

            The graphics are low quality and blurry, the content is all thrown together in one place.

            Visually, it is not stunning.

            A visitor makes a decision within the first 10 seconds if they should stay or not.

            Maybe you could look into other websites that offer the same type of services?


            Once again the product you are offering is of high quality, just a little redesign work would help Follow websolutions suggestions.


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              Gnd.Designs Newbie

              Hi! I just viewed your website and I have a few ideas, as well.

              First of all, you went to great lengths to explain what role each person plays in your site. Why not simplify that? For "requesters", you could use "Owners", "Employers", "Freelance Offers", "Offers" or something like that. Make it clear that THESE are the options that are being offered. For "Providers", you would want to go with something on the other side of the spectrum, such as "Employees", "Freelancers", "Workers"... I'm sure you get the idea.

              Your Que should be more clear. Most ppl understand the concept of placing something in "the que", such as a print job on our computers. These same ppl do not necessarily associate the que with what you are using it for. You should call it a "catalog of openings" or something to that degree.


              Remember the KISS method, assume everyone you are working with is stupid.


              Another thought on your site is the location and continuity of your navigation buttons. They should all be similar in style, design and font- and have like types grouped together with color. there should be a navigation bar down either the left or right side on all of your pages but the home page- go ahead and keep your nav bar in the center on the home page because it is clearly seperating the two sides of your business. Once someone enters one side or the other of your business, then remove all references to the other side for those pages. (If this is not clear, feel free to contact me at You should also have the same navigation abilities across the top of your page, under your banner.



              By keeping it simple, dumbing it down and making it easier to navigate (and understand), you should get more registrants than lurkers.



              Good Luck!


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                ecomconsult Adventurer
                KISS - keep it simple and straightforward
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                  NatOnline Tracker

                  Here what I am thinking,

                  On your your index, you need just an introduction of your service (700 words max) to describ your business, that's all. Then on the next pages if you visitors are interested by your services, you can go deeper in your explainations.

                  Graphic could be improved, but it all depends of your targeted visitors, it seems like your targeted visitors are technicians, rather general public, so graphics are not the main concern.

                  Hope to help
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                    Ranger6r Wayfarer

                    Hi Tony,

                    Thank you for the invite to view your site. I think you have a great business concept that is well timed, given the current economic cycle we are in.

                    Please do not get me wrong, in that I am not bashing your site, but providing my inital feelings and observations (but it's going to bash - sorry).

                    I have to agree with the posts already given. My first impression is that the word choices throughout your site need to be simplified. Your home page reads like a "terms of service" page. It should explain your service in a simple way, using simple everyday english words.

                    I have read your "Context Sensitive LOGON and Users SESSIONS" paragraph twice and do not get it, nor understand why it is needed. I have used another companies outsourcing site before, and do not remember it being that complex. I only had one logon.

                    The overall look of the site has the common Frontpage DIY look. My website suffered from the same thing untill I did exactly what you did and asked the forum of this community to provide me feedback. What I ended up doing was investing $69.99 in a professional template (I can only recommend Lucky Marble as they were recommended to me here and were the only one I looked at) and spending 3 weeks cutting, pasting and re-writing copy from my old website to my professional template using Frontpage. It was not all that horrible an experience that I actually came to enjoy and learn much by the process.

                    The others recommendations above are sound. I use istock photo for my graphics. A good template will have all the buttons and links designed and color coded. Moving all the step by step instructions to deeper pages will leave you alot more room for proper homepage marketing.

                    Your homepage should be limited more or less to; explain what your service is and what your service does, the benefits your service provides the reader and why it is costly not to use your services, why your service vs. someone else's (what stands you apart), testimonials, etc. etc. You should limit your homepage to just step 1 marketing of the buying process of getting the visitor thinking about. The current featured article on this communities home page ("Marketing Doesn't Work" or something like that) has very good basic marketing information. Level 2 deep pages should be the ones that get your visitor to "register now" in one simple step if possible. The level 3 deep pages should do all the step by step stuff.

                    Finally - I downloaded an optimizer (I use Web CEO, but their are others) for free. It was simple to have it scan my web pages and give me optimization tips to make my site search engine friendly. I also signed up for Google Analytics (it's free) that showed me were my visitors were exiting (mine were leaving in droves from my home page which is not good).

                    I apologies Tony because I just proof read my reply - and it is bashing. Please do not take it personally or get discouraged in any way. I still know you have a great plan in a field that will only get hotter. Their is a little competition in online outsourcing, but I believe you have the desire, dedication and passion to compete. Please feel free to e-mail me (even if it's an emotional outburst) should I be able to assist. I do not know much, but I do know what did not work very well for me.

                    Good Luck Tony





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                      ee99ee Newbie
                      To be completely honest, the reason you're getting low conversation rates is because the look of your site is poor. It looks like someone designed the site using Microsoft Word or FrontPage about 10 years ago. Take the time and invest in letting a web professional redesign the site and I think you'll be amazed. You might have to throw $5000-8000 at it to make it really work, but it will be well worth it.

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                        intechspecial Ranger

                        TonyIOD - It seems you have made some changes, and sight looks a little better now.


                        Continue on this path, but please continue trying and bettering your current abilities.


                        Don't expect this to happen over night, I was told recently that my success will change over time, as long as I continue on working as hard as I am. I have repeated and continiung failures, but with each failure, a little closer to a bigger victory.