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    My Personalized Candles Business

    ShiLites Newbie
      Hey everyone, I am in the process of starting my own personalized candles business, and would like some feed back if possible. My prices are very affordable, and I can put just about any image on a candle. My candles also vary in size and fragrence. I don't have a web-site yet, because I am just starting, but have posted some photos on a myspace page I created just for my candles. I am also a vendor for one of the David's Bridals in Georgia (starting May 1). Does anyone have any ideas on ways I can advertise my candles, without breaking my pockets!! PLEASE HELP!!
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          My Personalized Candles Business, Welcome to this web site.
          My best suggestion is SCORE. Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE
          and can help you develop both a Business Plan and help with Advertising.
          You can visit a SCORE office near you or go on line.
          What is your background?? and your advertising budget??
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            print28 Adventurer
            Hello, I just read your message and wanted to introduce myself, and you can also read our profile! We are a small printing and promotional products company, so I can offer you our services with less expensive prices and high quality! We print and copy everything from paper to key chains! If it can be printed or copied on, we can provide that! We can help you advertise, we not a whole lot of money! I am also drawn to you, because I am a candle lover! Everyone knows what they can get me at anytime, CANDLES!! I am very much interested in helping you advertise in our area in North Carolina, if you would be interested! I know alot of people, growing up in this community, and can get you some orders, and also, give you some names of company owners, that would be interested in selling your product in their businesses. Let me know if you are interested, you can also email me directly at:, or our business I look forward to hearing from you!
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              puzzleman Tracker
              ShiLites, congratulations in getting with one of the David's Bridal shops. I have a couple of suggestions.

              1) Try local art and craft shows in your area. These are a great way to get direct feedback from people, make cash (always good) and talk to other vendors about other shows to participate in.

              2) Work with the one Davids Bridal and if they are happy, talk with them about expanding into other of their stores a little farther out. After you get 5 - 10 stores under your belt, talk to their corporate people about setting you up as a vendor for all of their stores.

              3) Work with other bridal stores in your area and try to get your product in there as well. Once you get a few under your belt then you can try attending a wholesale tradeshow for bridal business and set up a booth.

              4) Work with local gift stores and see if they will carry your products. If so, expand your base with more gifts stores.

              5) Get a website. You can put one up on Go Daddy for a vary small investment. Put you website on your products so that they can see what else you do.

              6) Talk to everyone you know and don't know about your business and hand out business cards to everyone. You can get cards at Vista Print at a low cost and they can have pics of your products on the back of the card.

              7) Get a tshirt (or any type of shirt) made with your company name on it and wear it proudly as you go about your business. You never know who you will meet.

              This is just a few ideas to get started.

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                WhiteLopez Newbie
                For Starters what is the page address to see your work. I have a company in Fullerton CA. And we are looking to expand our line of candles but we are only Accepting 100% Clean Candles Soy Base Candles and Led free Wicks.

                So send me and email or visit our website it's still under construction but functional you can email me at



                Luis A. White
                White Lopez Enterprises