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    Fire Your Web Designer. Today.

    iMicrobrand Adventurer
      When Google announced the release of Universal Search, the game changed drastically for the billions of people entering the online marketplace with their "furry little brands", and opened a door that has allowed me to save my clients literally tens of thousands of dollars in web design and development cost...

      My name is Vincent A. Hunt - I am a Microbrandologist, I take an approach to Personal Branding that helps Professionals build strong, relevant, cost effective, Google search friendly brands that help increase awareness, sale more goods and services, and build healthier social networks. As a Former Web Designer/ Developer I am having to go back and re-program many of my clients with fresh information as it pertains to the new web - Web 2.0 (and quickly approaching 3.0) methodologies.

      I conduct one on one sessions with my clients and help them build Personal or Micro Brands that are not only relevant and straight forward, but also optimized for online business building and developing. An example of the perfect client includes however is not limited to...

      • Consultants
      • Professional Coaches
      • Life Coaches
      • Motivational Speakers
      • Specialized Training Specialist
      • Niche Market Professionals

      If you are looking to truly optimize your brand online, and capture your share of the millions of potential clients, I would love to answer your questions and start the process to you truly maximizing the value proposition of your brand!

      Vincent A. Hunt