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    International eCommerce options ....

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      I am working with a company who is small, but wants to expand international. They deliver high stakes tests online to consumers. These tests can be used to obtain certifications for career advancement. I have done some research, and have yet to find a suitable solution for them. They wish to not worry about things such as VAT Tax collection and wish to have a 3rd party do this kind of work for them.


      There are a ton of 3rd parties which offer to become a 'reseller' for software publishers / hard good sales taking care of all of the multi-currency/tax issues for you taking a cut of all of your revenue generated from the online sale. This looks attractive, but it seems as though that is the extent of the services. I need to be able to have a solution that integrates with this existing online service instead of it looking like a typical store-front.


      Does anyone have any experience moving into international (out of US) who is an online seller? Is there a method that you can recommend or stay away from?


      Thanks in advance,