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    freefire Wayfarer
      I got a call from a firm called servicemagic, they were wanting me to advertise through them. Does anyone know anything about this company?
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          Welcome to the community. I provided comments on ServiceMagic in another thread (as did a few other members). Here is the link:


          If you have specific questions beyond that, I'll be glad to respond. Hope this helps.
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            intechspecial Ranger

            I am actually a past client of Servicemagic.

            I had a terrible experience with them.

            A few things you must understand BEFORE you start using them:

            • They are a lead generating service, and 100% of the leads I recieved were not good leads. (Most were not even interested in having the work done, invalid number, online prank, etc).

            • They charge for every lead they give you, and although they do offer a replacement fee for some leads, it is like pulling tooth and nail to get a reimbursement.

            • The consumers that sign up are not charged to sign up, and I am not sure how much of a background check does on them. Since they are not charged, they might not even value the service they are receiving, and I have found some leads to be fictitous.

            The only service call I came close to making was from a gentleman who lived 2 hours away. He wanted me to come out and give him a quote on work to be done. His description of work was not something I could give an onsite quote. I worked with the gentleman, spent hours on the phone, mass emails, free support, etc, etc. He finally made a decision, and his decision was that he would wait for a couple more years before he would have the work done, and that he was really just fishing for pricing. ServiceMagic of course stated this was a valid lead, and I was not reimbursed.

            Several months later, and after losing hundreds upon hundreds of dollars, I closed my account, disatisfied. ServiceMagic responded to me again, with a smooth talking sales agent trying to get me to stay, but ignored the issues I was having with the system.


            Your experience might be better then mine, but I would not reccomend them to anyone, including my competitors.