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    You call that a "sale"?

    designer Tracker
      Oh, how we all love a good sale! But....can sales be harmful to a business? My favorite sale or actually most memorable sale was on a Labor Day Weekend when we went to Saugatuck, Michigan for a long weekend. There was a side walk sale going on that weekend in the street and one store member had a megaphone and was announcing: "Half off the half off"! Well, years later....I still remember that and me and my friends all still joke about it, today years later!!!!

      People ask me why I don't have a sale and I point them to my VIP Club. I feel that is unique and special in its own. You buy 5 and get 1 FREE. Sounds great to me.

      Do other business owners benefit from sales or do they bring down a reputation of a business?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Can sales be harmful to a business

          If two companies are competing for business, they will lower their
          prices and /
          or improve their products to increase their sales.
          If birds
          compete for a limited water supply during a drought, the more suited
          birds will survive.

          Sale, a discount in the prices of goods, such as:
          * fire sale* ,
          * loan sale* ,
          * closeout* ,
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            juanad Newbie

            I will give you my point of view. In my on line store I only have a sale when I need to make room for other products. It also depends on what you sell. If you are selling something like food and you are about to close, you don't want to put it un the garbage, it is better to take a little for something that it is going to be waste. The other case is to drive in customer inside your physical store in a way that when they are on the way to the register they will grab something else at a regular price. In other words a sale should always have a meaning.
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              DomainDiva Ranger
              I like that VIP Club thing. Who needs a sale? Thats like 20% off ALL the time.

              We are getting ready to put our aircraft inventories on the web for our biz app and the question of 'discounts' came up. Volume discounts yes, but not at the lower levels, especially when some of these leasing companies have hundreds of aircraft. Also I capped the discount number.

              As for me I think that selling your goods cheaply says that you don't really value what you are selling.

              Additional thoughts?
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                designer Tracker
                Thank you, DomainDiva! re: VIP Club and 20% off always. That was very observant and awfully nice to say! Some of my clients "get me" right off that bat....for some, the light bulb never quite goes on. Ha!
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                  intechspecial Ranger
                  The greatest sale you could ever achieve is an extremely estatic customer that tells others and comes back to buy more.

                  I sale that ends up in a disappointed customer will most certainly damage your business.

                  A satisfied customer will tell maybe 5 or 6 people on average.

                  A disatisfied customer will tell up to 20 people on average.

                  An estatic and elated customer will tell the world.