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    Mailing List suggestion...

    designer Tracker
      Hello. I was wondering, how long do you think you should keep people on a Mailing List for a Web site? What I am getting at is....if some people have been on your Mailing List for 2 or 3 years and they STILL haven't bought anything and really don't offer any feedback or reply to seems like they just like to be nosy and know what's going on? It feels a little uncomfortable, in my opinion. Does anyone else deal with this and I wonder how you handle?
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          LUCKIEST Guide

          A mailing list is a collection of names and addresses used by
          an individual or an organization
          to send material to multiple


          There are two quite different types of mailing lists. The first one is closer to the literal sense,
          where a "mailing list" of
          people is used as a recipient for newsletters, periodicals or
          The second type allows members to post their own items
          which are broadcast to all of the other
          mailing list members.


          In legitimate mailing lists, individuals can subscribe or unsubscribe themselves.

          Mailing list is simply a list of e-mail addresses of people that are
          interested in the same subject.
          When a member of the list sends a note
          to the group's special address, the e-mail is broadcast to
          all of the
          members of the list. The key advantage of a mailing list over a things
          such as web-based
          discussion is that as new message becomes available
          they are immediately
          delivered to the participants' mailboxes.




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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            As long as someone wants to be on the list, I'd leave them there forever. In my business, I've made sales to clients who were dormant for as long as nine years. We do ask people (at least every other year) to confirm their contact information, and to acknowledge the mailings they want to continue to receive. About 44 percent of the records in our database end up being revised/updated when we do that -- people change physical and e-mail addresses a lot! So I'd definitely try to verify that the ones who aren't giving you anything are still receiving/reading what you send -- and remove them if they're not. Hope this helps. Best wishes.