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    Does it really take "money" to make "money"?

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      Hello. There's an old saying - - -"It takes money to make money"! But, is this really true? So many people spend, spend, spend and each time they go further in debt, thinking...well - - -after I buy all these postcards and spend all this money on postage, it's going to win me some new customers that will "buy" and all it does it bring a person further into debt... Then, people try advertising and spend and spend gobs of money and maybe it does bring one or two new customers along....but that barely pays for what someone may have spent on all the ads. How can a business owner really get ahead do you think without spending? It seems people are so quick to TAKE your money, but it's very HARD to make a sale......
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          It takes money to make money! Is this true for you?
          Are you making money NOW??

          The process of money to make money is learning how people and groups act
          in managing their money,
          and most of all how they manage making money,
          and making a profit, with spending money.
          A group that makes more money than it spends can lend or invest the
          excess profit.
          On the other hand, a group that makes less money than it
          spends can raise money by
          getting a loan or selling stock, or spending less, or making more money.


          A bank is where many people borrowing money meet people lending
          A bank gets money from lenders, and pays interest. The bank then
          lends this money to borrowers.


          Money to make money is used by people, by governments, by businesses.


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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            Yes, I think it takes money to make money. How much money it takes depends largely on how much money you want to make, how you want to make it, and how fast.

            The only way I can think of that a business owner can get ahead without spending anything is through a gift from someone else. To use a baseball metaphor, if you never swing the bat, the only chance you'll ever have to get on base (and eventually score) is if someone just "gives" you the base (a walk). Even then, your future is in the hands of what other people do (unless you're very good at stealing -- and though I could be mistaken, I think the last time a major leaguer walked, and then stole second, third, and home to score was in 1912).
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              Iwrite Pioneer
              I think you have to spend some money. I wonder though if we are as critical of everyone else as we are of those providing advertising services.

              How many of us have accountants and still end up paying taxes? Where are the posts about wasting money on accounting? How about the insurance we have but the second something happens we have to fight to get the insurance to company to pay, if they ever do. Or the lawyer that convinces you to settle because it is going to be cheaper but you or your insurance company still end up paying something. Was he/she really worth the money?

              I am trying to make a point - these are necessary business expenses and so is marketing and advertising.
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                intechspecial Ranger
                I would have to say yes, their is an investmen factor into making money.

                A business plan can help you with your planning process.